15 Tips To Get Your Miami Home Sold Fast

Miami is diverse in both its culture and people, and this also transcends into its real estate market.  According to the Miami Association of Realtors, the market is in good shape with the possibility of selling your home at its asking prices and fast too.

On average, you can sell a single-family home in just 47 days after listing it for sale. An apartment may take a bit longer at 123 days.

Do you want to get in on the “sell your house fast” trend?

Follow these 15 tips to get your Miami property sold quickly!

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  1. Do Your Homework

Find out what similar homes to yours in the neighborhoods are being sold over the last 6-12 months. Price accordingly or slightly lower.

As much as you want to sell fast, historically, the best time is spring. The weather is not only good for allowing buyers to shop around but it’s also the best time to spruce up the house.

  1. Gather Your Data

One aspect that surprisingly consumes lots of time during the sale is when you don’t have all the information required by the buyer (including permits, outstanding debts or liens, receipts for major appliances if available). Anticipate what is required and have the data at your fingertips to facilitate a faster sale.

  1. Stage The Home Well

To make your property has maximum appeal to attract attention, consider improving the home’s aesthetics. The best home improvements are practical, appealing, and cost effective. Staging can help make the new repairs stand out. Home staging tends to cost a few thousand dollars and is most effective for houses above the $250,000 range that have fresh renovations.

home staging
Home staging can get properties sold quick when there is fresh renovations in higher price ranges.
  1. Get The Home Inspected

Before listing, get the home inspected to identify potential property issues that could possibly derail sales. Defects that arise during a properties inspection can waste everyone’s time, and you stay stuck with a house you’d like to get rid of.

  1. Make Small Upgrades

Sometimes major renovations can be too expensive or time consuming. If that’s the case, focus on small home upgrades in the bathroom and kitchen.

New cabinet hardware, a new kitchen/bathroom sink, hand towels, shower curtains, or light fixtures in the bathroom are not expensive but could radically transform your space. Paint the doors, exterior windows, gutters, the downspouts, and walls for that appealing look.  Paint gives the whole place a fresh look.

  1. Light It Up

A poorly lit or dark home feels depressing and damp. Buyers are naturally attracted to well-lit homes.

Boost your sale odds by brightening it up by either using artificial or natural light.

  1. Price the Home Right For the Miami Market

Regardless of how well you stage the home or renovate, it is still critically important to set the right price. One option is to study recent Miami sales on property sites like Zillow, Realtor, or Trulia. Another is to consult with a real estate professional, such as a realtor, investor, inspection, or appraiser. You can also check the local MLS to see the freshest comparable homes in your area are going for.

  1. Disclose Everything

Smart sellers are proactive in terms of disclosing all known home defects to buyers. This helps in reducing liability and averting potential law suits later on while at the same time displaying trustworthiness.

  1. Consider A Cash Buyer!

Pile of cash
Cash buyers help speed up the sale process. They buy “as is” and don’t need mortgages.

For a quick home sale, nothing beats selling to an professional real estate investor. They generally buy your property as “it is” without you having to make any repairs or other expensive sale reparations. There are no realtor fees and they buy a house in any condition. Renovations, repairs and clean-ups are time-consuming and you may want to skip these if you want a fast sale and go for a “as is” sale. Additionally, cash buyers close faster because they don’t rely on mortgages which take lots of time to get approved and are often canceled at the last minute.

There are plenty of real estate investors in the Miami area. Our company, House Heroes LLC, will make a fast and fair cash offer on any Miami property. Check out our Miami page for a fair cash offer or give us a call at (954) 676-1846.

  1. Bypass The Agent

A real estate agent is mainly motivated by the commission from selling your house and may delay the sale in the hope of higher price later.

  1. Do Some Marketing

When selling your home, word of mouth is a powerful tool. Tell your friends family members about the sale. You can put up a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn to get some neighborhood buzz. Another great medium to use is social media.

  1. Clean, Depersonalize And Declutter

Before showing the home to potential buyers, declutter. It not will not only look cleaner, but helps buyers envision themselves residing at the property. Removing personal memorabilia or photographs allows prospective buyer to easily imagine themselves actually living in your house. The garage is a huge selling point and if necessary paint or power-wash the floor, and remove all junk. Wise buyers know where to look!

  1. Use Visual Aids

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words – and this is very true about initial online listings. Buyer want more than simply read about the property but they also want to see it. A good way to capitalize here is reaching out to a professional photographer. It only costs a few hundred dollars and could make a world of difference.

visual aides
Make an impression at the initial online listing. Use visual aides – including pro photos.
  1. Learn About Miami-Dade Property Taxes

When a real estate property is changing hands, don’t take it for granted that property taxes remain the same. Consider visiting relevant websites like the Office of the Property Appraiser which continually updates and edits the property tax roll.

  1. Keep Emotions At Bay

Don’t get sentimental about what you are about to let go. Keep your emotions in check; be detached and business-like during the negotiations.

There are lots of reasons home owners want to sell fast in Miami. Relocation, big time repairs, piling up back taxes and mortgage, probate/inherited houses, property violations. You may just have owned a home for a long time and be ready to move on. Try these tips to help speed up your sale!

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