10 Reasons To Move From Your House To An Apartment

Moving away from a house you own is a significant event in just about everyone’s lives.

Owning a home is seen as more desirable than renting for many reasons; one of which is the floor space is generally greater in a house than in an apartment. The other is that owning a home provides you with something of value that you can sell down the road, hopefully making back what you paid and more.

You’re also free to do what you will with your home. Don’t like the yard? Tear it up and put in something new. Don’t love the bathroom? Change it. Virtually anything is possible when you own a home.

However, while all of these are positives for owning a home, there are many reasons you might want to consider ditching house living and consider apartment living.

In this article, we’re going to look at ten reasons why relocating out of your house and into an apartment is ideal.

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Reduced Costs

Owning a home gives the freedom to change what it is you don’t like. You don’t have this flexibility when you live in an apartment. However, with all of that freedom comes responsibility.

lower costs in apartment
Moving to an apartment lowers utility and maintenance expenses.

You’re responsible for everything that goes wrong and every repair that needs to be made.

Home repairs can be very costly. If your cash flow is less than ideal, you may need to put them off until you can afford them. Delayed maintenance can make the problem worse and more expensive to fix.

Living in an apartment means your landlord handles many repairs, and in some cases, is also responsible for the appliances too. This means more money in your pocket and less worry you’re not going to be able to afford repairs if things go wrong.

Lower Bills

According to realestate.com.au, depending on your home’s size, it can be expensive to heat and cool. Many apartments don’t offer the same floor space as the typical home, which means it takes less electricity or gas to heat, thus saving you money every month on these utility bills. Additionally, depending on the lease landlords may fully cover all utilities. You won’t have to worry about that if you move to an apartment.

Landlords may fully cover all utilities depending on the lease.

Better Security

Most homes don’t come with effective security systems.

Owners have to shell out significant sums of money if they want to invest in the technology and equipment to secure their homes and make their families safer.

safety and security
Apartments come equipped with “buzz in” doors and neighbors for an emergency.

Many apartment complexes rely on a single entrance in which people have to be “buzzed in” before accessing the building. Also, according to safewise.com, the proximity to neighbors in an apartment complex means quicker access to help if you’re in trouble. Lving on upper floors of an apartment building make it less likely that someone will come in off the street to steal your valuables.

Shorter Commutes

Most homes are located in the suburbs, which are usually far away from where people work. Commuting to your job means owning a car in most cases, which has on-going expenses in form of fuel and upkeep.

Relocating into an apartment closer to your job means a shorter commute. Public transportation typically surrounds apartments, which could eliminate the need for a car altogether.

Extra amenities

Many apartment complexes feature amenities that you would have to spend money to get if you lived in a house; amenities like a community gym, laundry facilities, and sometimes even a pool.


When you own a home, you’re usually locked into a mortgage that can be put to 30 years. While that doesn’t mean you have to stay at that location for the length of the mortgage, it does mean that moving when life situations change is more difficult.

If you move from your home into an apartment, most leases are for one or two years, and some are less than that, which means if you change jobs frequently, or want a change of scenery, it’s easy to do.

It Simplifies Your Life

simple apartment life
You tend to collect a lot of junk in a spacious house. Apartments force you to keep it simple.

When people own homes, it’s natural to buy stuff continually, and most of the stuff we buy are things we want, rather than things we need. A house generally gives you plenty of places to store all that stuff, which makes it more complicated if you ever want to move.

Living a more minimalist lifestyle is advantageous in that it’s mentally freeing; instead of our stuff owning us, we own our stuff.

Easier Maintenance

When you need repair work done in your home (plumbing, appliances, etc.) you have to be there, which is inconvenient if you live alone and have to work. Living in an apartment complex with a trustworthy landlord means you’re free to be at your job while they allow people into the apartment to get the repairs done.

Cleaning is Easier

Remember how we spoke about apartments generally having less space than home? Many people have houses larger than they need, and they spend time cleaning the rooms they never use. A smaller area means less cleaning, which saves you time.

Instant Community

It’s easy to isolate ourselves even if we have neighbors close by when you live in spacious suburbs.

If you’re a people person, living in an apartment complex gives you the opportunity to participate in a community and to enjoy having neighbors. Many apartment complexes have programs in which residents can participate in the betterment of the building and the residents. Also, many apartment buildings have social areas such as rooftop bbq spaces where people can gather and socialize.

Being involved with your neighbors makes for a better, safer living space where everyone watches out for each other and makes sure people are safe, secure, and happy.

How to Make The Move

There are two options for arranging the move: hire a moving company or do it yourself.

So, you’ve decided that it’s time to leave that big house and move into a smaller, cheaper apartment. The decision to make now is: Do you hire a moving company or do the moving yourself? There are advantages and disadvantages to doing it either way.


When you hire a reputable moving company, you get the security of knowing that the furniture and items you move will arrive safely, and if not, the insurance carried by the moving company can replace any damaged pieces. Another advantage is that a moving company takes the stress and fatigue away that comes with physically moving heavy furniture and boxes back and forth. And speaking of boxes; moving companies often supply their own boxes and packing material, which saves you the expense of buying or finding your own.

Lastly, a moving company is an ideal choice if you have to move something long distance because they have the proper vehicles to carry everything usually in one trip.


The major disadvantage to hiring a moving company for relocation into your new apartment is cost. If you’re moving into a smaller place to save money, the last thing you want is to incur extra costs by hiring a moving company.

If you decide to DIY your move, you should obtain: boxes, bubble wrap, and peanuts you need to secure boxed times. You also will need to price out a “U-Haul” truck, get a safe driver, and line up a few friends for physical labor if you are moving more than a couple boxes.

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