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We’ve (REALLY) Been Featured By . . .

Other “we buy houses” companies  claim to have been featured by major media outlets. Ask them for the links and what will you hear? Crickets.

House Heroes actually is a real estate expert for some of the biggest news sources in the world (and we have the links to prove it). Here are just a handful.

Photos of Our Work

House Heroes buys property in all kinds of condition – good, bad, and the ugly. Check out the photos below of some of our recent purchases . . .

218 SW 2 Street. We purchased this home from Ms. Lottie Royal. Given it was vacant for nearly two years, it was in good condition.

218 SW 2 Street - Lottie Royal - SM

321 W 17 Street. This single-family home in Hialeah had major structural issues – rotting wood frame exterior, collapsing roof, and an illegal structure.

321 W 17 Street, Hialeah - SM

3815 Lambert Ave. This Palm Beach property had been inhabited for squatters for 6 months. It needed a total renovation.

3815 Lambert

3000 NW 21 Court. House Heroes bought this home with a non-paying tenant. It was already very nice inside so we did minimal rehab.

3000 NW 21 Court, Lauderdale - SM

Check out House Heroes on social media! In today’s world, if you aren’t online you aren’t in the game. You probably have something to hide. Online presence is SOCIAL PROOF of a legitimate company. Check us out on Facebook, YouTubeInstagram, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, BiggerPockets, and Pinterest

IMPORTANT!  “We buy houses” companies are not created equal.  Many make deceptive claims about their cash and experience. To help you identify legitimate cash home buyers, we created a Cash Home Buyer Questionnaire listing questions you need to ask any so-called “cash buyer.”

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