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What is Probate?

You may be wondering what “probate” means. According to The Florida Bar, “probate is a court-supervised process for identifying and gathering the assets of a deceased person (decedent), paying the decedent’s debts, and distributing the decedent’s assets to his or her beneficiaries.” The probate process is required for assets to pass from the decedent to heirs/beneficiaries. Probate assets include real estate, bank account and investments, insurance policies, annuity contracts, and retirement benefits.

A “personal representative” is normally appointed to “administer” the probate estate. Personal representatives must either live in Florida or be a close relative of the decedent. The decedent’s will names the personal representative, and if there is no will, the surviving spouse or others heirs serve as personal representative.

How Do I Begin The Probate Process?

Probate begins when the decedent’s will and other documents are filed with the clerk of the circuit court in the county where the decedent last resided. There is a filing fee, a file number is assigned, and that court begins a file with all recorded papers. A circuit court judge is assigned to oversee the probate proceedings.

After filing, the person named in the will as the personal representative asks the assigned circuit court judge to be appointed as the personal representative. The court then issues a document called “Letters of Administration”, approving the personal representative and authorizing the personal representative to settle the estate.

Probate Rule of Court 5.030 requires every personal representative be represented by a licensed Florida attorney. Personal representatives should hire a qualified attorney. Complex legal issues arise in the course of the administration of an estate. If you need a referral to a qualified probate attorney in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County, contact us and we can make a recommendation.

I Was Appointed Personal Representative. Now What?

A personal representative (also known as executor, executrix, administrator and administratix) has the legal duty to administer the probate estate. This includes identifying, gathering and valuing the decedent’s probate assets, noticing, searching for, and paying creditors, and distributing assets to beneficiaries. Click here for a full list of the duties of a personal representative.

Can House Heroes Buy My Probate Home?

YES!  We purchase probate homes fast for cash on a regular basis.  Just call now at (954) 676-1846 or fill out this form for an immediate fast and fair cash offer.  Depending on the county, we can buy the property even before probate is completed.

Check our most recent probate success stories:

Kim P. Exchanges Squatters For Cash In Her Pocket!

Kim P. inherited a single-family home in need of extensive repairs with squatters inside. She made a distress call to House Heroes in November 2015, and we flew into action. Kim worked long hours during the week, so Lucas visited the property that weekend, helped remove the squatters, and secured the premises without any charge. Kim received a fair cash offer that very day, and sold her house that same week. Here is what Kim had to say: “I’m so happy I sold my house to Lucas at House Heroes. I thought selling my house would be a hassle since it was in bad shape, unsecured, and had squatters. Lucas proved to be the ultimate professional and helped me every step of the way. I wanted the process of selling my house to be easy, and with Lucas, it was. If you want to sell your house quickly for cash, I highly recommend selling to Lucas.”

House Heroes Saves Scott N. By Buying FOUR Houses FAST!

In July 2015, Scott called House Heroes with a big problem. He lived in Georgia, but had inherited 4 Florida houses. He hadn’t seen the homes in years, and they were in awful shape.  The houses were deplorable: unlivable, no utilities, termites, mold, you name it. Scott didn’t have keys to some of the houses, and one of them even had an unruly hoarder tenant that had stopped paying rent years ago! Scott tried other investors and realtors but nothing worked to sell these houses.  Scott picked up the phone and dialed House Heroes.  Undaunted and lightning fast, Lucas was on the job.  With Scott’s permission, Lucas and his House Heroes team personally accessed and re-secured every property by the end of the week. We settled on price with Scott fast and he received over $150,000.  Another happy client!

Probate Resources:

Probate in Florida Pamphlet, The Florida Bar

Checklist of First Steps For Executors in Florida, McDonald Fleming Moorhead

Title XLII – Estates and Trusts, Florida Statutes

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