sell abandoned house

Selling An Abandoned House

Do you have an abandoned house? Have you considered selling it? The housing market in the US is going through an interesting phase. Cities are plagued by abandoned properties. Across the nation, nearly one out of every 63 residential properties is vacant. For example, while 2015 saw the building of several hundred thousand new homes, […]

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sell house with fire damage

Selling A House After Fire Damage

Are you selling property after a house fire? You’re not alone . . . According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are 350,000 to 400,000 house fires every year leading to nearly $8 billion in damages in the US. There were  352,000 home fires in 2016 that led to the deaths of 2,735 people and […]

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sell house leaking roof

Can I Sell My House With A Leaky Roof?

Yes – you can sell a house with a leaking roof! Keeping a house with a bad roof is dangerous. Leaks can damage to rest of the house. The first place to get impacted is the attic quickly followed by the interior ceiling. When water gets to the interior ceiling, water damage can flow to […]

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Should You Buy A Home

Rushing To Buy A Home? Slow Down!

Nearly 11 million of those who purchased homes in the US before the recent economic downtown when the real estate market was at its peak are still face an unenviable predicament: the pain of being “underwater” owing lenders more than their properties are worth. Between 2005 and 2008, prices of home are estimated to have […]

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Selling a hoarder house

Selling A Hoarder House

Are you looking to a sell a hoarder house?  This blog helps you decide whether to sell as-is or fix up the house yourself. Hoarder houses are hazardous since they pose a threat to not only the homeowners, but also to the neighboring communities. Incidents of fires may quickly spread  and harm fellow homeowners. The […]

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steps to take before relocating

Steps To Take Before Relocating

Are you planning to relocate from your home state? Relocating can be stressful without making adequate plans in advance. Luckily, we’ve compiled a handy guide to ensure you relocate smoothly! Relocating to a new home is never simple, easy, or stress free. As our nation grows, the society is becoming more mobile than ever. We’re […]

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Sell House To Real Estate Investor

Selling a House To Real Estate Investors

Considering selling your house to a real estate investor? Homeowners have several options for selling property, including listing on the MLS with a realtor, flat-fee listing, selling to friend or neighbor, and “For Sale By Owner” websites (For Sale By Owner, Craig’s List, and Zillow). Home sellers often haven’t considered that selling to a real […]

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Choosing The Right Probate Attorney

Choosing The Right Probate Attorney

Are you inheriting a house via the probate process? If so, the legal process can be long and arduous. The probate process is not only long but can be expensive hence why you need the best probate attorney. The better your probate attorney the better and faster the case can proceed. Follow these tips for […]

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Home Renovations That Pay Off

Home Repairs That Pay Off in Miami

Looking to sell your home in the City of Miami? Nothing boosts the value of your home like some strategic repairs. It pays off big-time to simply know what kinds of repairs bring the highest Return-On-Investment. Check out these repair ideas that can pay off big-time. In some cases, you may want to avoid renovating on your […]

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what to do with probate property

What To Do With My Probate House

Once that probate house has finally become yours, figuring out what to do or how to use it can present not only financial but also emotional issues.  In particular, the financial implications can be challenging. It could become even more complex if you have co-inheritors. For starters, you need to be aware of the fact […]

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