sell house in florida by owner

Sell a House By Owner Florida [FSBO Guide]

Thinking about selling a house by owner in Florida? Selling your own home is an attractive option. People choose sell a house in Florida without a realtor because it’s faster, you control the sale, and save thousands on realtor commissions. Who, what, when, and how? You decide! Each approach has advantages and disadvantages. Don’t be … Continued

interior of house

Upcycle the Interior of Your House and Give Buyers a Real WOW Factor

For anyone looking to put their house on the market, it can be tempting to start buying new things to make it appealing to buyers. You might paint a few walls, pull out threadbare carpets and rugs, replace old and broken furniture, change fixtures and fittings. However, there is another, more cost-effective way to make … Continued

cash for houses in florida 1

Cash For Houses In Florida – Get Paid FAST!

Need to sell your Florida house fast for cash? Yes, local house sellers are still getting cash for houses in Florida in this real estate market. Years back, selling a Florida house for cash was quite easy and fun. All you had to do was hang a “For Sale” tag on your front yard and wait … Continued

selling inherited property with siblings

Selling Inherited Property With Siblings [Complete Guide]

Considering selling inherited property with siblings? Families can be complicated. I have two sisters myself. We don’t always see “eye to eye” in picking a restaurant, let alone selling a parent’s house now owned with family. A brother or sister may be living in the house and not want to move out. You might want … Continued

6 Ways to Prepare Your House For Sale

Getting ready to sell your home can be a daunting task. Whether you lived in your home for a year or your whole life, detaching can be extremely difficult. However, you know it’s time to move and you want your home to sell and sell fast. Below, we provide you with seven ways to prepare … Continued

4 Must-Dos before Putting Your Home on the Market

Making the decision to sell your home is no small matter. Maybe you’ve decided downsizing from your house to an apartment makes financial sense, or maybe you have the goal of selling your house and continuing to live in it. Whatever motivates your decision to list your house on the market, one thing remains the … Continued

sell house as-is

Sell a House AS-IS: The Interactive Guide

Considering selling a house “as-is”? Homeowners face this challenging scenario: I want to sell a house that needs work. It’s in poor condition. Should I spend my time, money, and energy on a fixer-upper, or go for an as-is sale? Owners of even updated property may prefer a fast sale approach. Selling an old, run-down … Continued

what to know about tenant screening

FAQ: What You Should Know About Tenant Screening

When your rental property is newly available, it can be tempting to try and get a new tenant on the next lease as fast as possible. But we’re here to tell you that tenant turnover and problematic renters could end up costing landlords a lot more than waiting for the right tenant would. The next … Continued


Sell My House and Stay In It: The Ultimate Guide

Looking to sell a house and still to live in it? Owners often prefer to sell their house and stay in it after closing. Many are unaware you can easily get cash for your house and continue to reside there after closing. Real estate companies and rental investors will buy your house and “rent it … Continued

seven decor trends 2019

Seven Home Decor Trends For 2019

Moving to a new location? Here are seven 2019 decor trends that will give your new home an awesome and stylish feel. 2018, with its lush trends, ultraviolet theme, subtle beige furniture, and terrazzo tiling, made a big statement in British home décor styling. It exposed the power of emotions and the lure of non-conformity. … Continued