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Keep Calm Easy Home Buying Guide for 2019

One of the biggest moves in life is buying your home. As probably the most expensive move of your life it is (for most people) a very big decision indeed. Getting it right in the first place is always going to be the best thing to do.  This being the case where do you start … Continued


How to Sell a Probate House: Miami-Dade County

Are you thinking about selling a probate or inherited house in Miami-Dade County? Probate property sales are challenging – take some time to get familiar with the inheritance process. This blog walks through common questions and pressing issues when selling an inherited Miami-Dade house: filing procedures, costs and fees, attorneys, stages of litigation, tax implications, … Continued

how to pay for probate court

How To Pay For Probate

Probate is the court-supervised process where property is distributed from a deceased person’s estate to heirs, beneficiaries, and creditors. Filing for probate is expensive. Heirs often can’t afford it. The process takes months or even years – court and attorney’s fees quickly pile up. If you are inheriting property, your probably asking these questions: How … Continued

move into a house or apartment

Should I Move Into a House Or An Apartment?

There are many factors that will contribute to deciding whether you should move into a house or an apartment. One of them, of course, is money, and as housing prices have risen at a rapid or even torrid pace in many locations, the monetary differences between renting and purchasing a property have become blurred. We … Continued

tenant destroyed my house

Tenant Destroyed My House: What To Do?

What should you do if a tenant stays in your house, destroys it and does not take responsibility for it? It is normal for you to be mad and furious. But, keep in mind that you have to keep your head calm and make your tenant liable for the destruction. There are some essential stages … Continued

selling a house with flooring problems

Selling a House with Flooring Problems

Everyone hopes to sell their home soon after listing it and get the price they’re looking for. Things aren’t always that easy. Many home sellers don’t mind repairing everything that’s broken or old to get a much higher price for their home because. Before doing so, be aware that some things are worth repairing, while … Continued

moving to an apartment

10 Reasons To Move From Your House To An Apartment

Moving away from a house you own is a significant event in just about everyone’s lives. Owning a home is seen as more desirable than renting for many reasons; one of which is the floor space is generally greater in a house than in an apartment. The other is that owning a home provides you … Continued

what to repair before selling your house

Top 10 Things to Repair Before Selling a House

Wondering what to repair before selling your house? No doubt you have a list of items that need repairs, replacement, or renovation. Most home buyers expect a move-in ready house that doesn’t demand additional money. Making the “wrong repairs” can result in selling for less, slower, and even taking a loss on the repair. A prospective buyer may … Continued

sell beachfront property

Helpful Tips for Selling Your Beachfront Property

Thinking about selling a beachfront property? Summer is perfect for spending time at the beach, getting tanned, swimming and doing water sports. It’s also the season when homeowners are busiest in selling or leasing real estate along the water. Still, even though lots of people are interested in leasing or even buying, beachfront property is … Continued

Easy DIY Projects To Sell Your Home For More

You may feel like you’re ready to sell your house right now. Or, you may miss out on your ‘dream home’ because you took too long to sell your current property. However, speeding through the selling process has some risks. Potential buyers will be well aware of the fact that you ignored essential home renovations. … Continued