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Video Testimonials & Social Media Reviews!

It is important to work with an honest and credible professional when selling property, whether it’s a house, condo, vacant land, or apartment. Verifying that a buyer is legitimate saves you from wasted time, money, and scams.

house heroes testimonials and reviews

How can you tell the buyer is legitimate? Testimonials and reviews.

Any business can put up a written testimonial. Testimonials that are just words are unreliable. Video testimonials from clients willing to go on camera and verifiable social media reviews are trustworthy.

House Heroes has them both. Our video testimonials are from real people that needed to sell their property fast for cash. Not paid actors.

Watch video testimonials below from Shelton Thomas, Craig Meeks, Loraine Dobson, Lisa Rauch, Clarence Williams, Valerie Maksym, and Gloria Aaron. Our 5-Star Facebook and Google reviews from Ann-Marie Roberts, Matt Rembish, Kim Mayes, Claudia Mitchell, and Patty Da Silva are also below. Check them out!

Shelton Thomas – 15795 NW 11 Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Shelton Thomas Testimonial: 15795 NW 11 Street, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Shelton’s Situation. Shelton reached out to us because he wanted to close as soon as possible since he was relocating and the house needed some work. We had a cash closing in days. Super speed!

I’m Shelton Thomas and, as you can see, I’m in the process of moving. The reason that is Lucas took care of me. I had a property, it had some issues, and I really needed to get out. I called House Heroes and quite a few other companies. House Heroes came through. If you’re in need, give them a call. They’ll take care of you.

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Craig Meeks – 3000 NW 21 Court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Testimonial: Craig Meeks, NW 21 Court in Ft. Lauderdale

Craig’s Situation. Craig called House Heroes because he lived in Alabama and needed to sell his sister’s house. The house was occupied by a non-paying tenant. We buy “as-is” – so the sale was easy!

I needed to sell my sister’s house so I called House Heroes. They called me back, and we negotiated over the phone. 15 days later we closed on the property. I got my cash. If you have property you want to sell, call House Heroes. They will treat you right.

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Loraine Dobson – 5845 Blueberry Court, Lauderhill, FL 33313

Loraine's Testimonial

Loraine’s Situation. House Heroes worked with Ms. Loraine Dobson to sell her townhouse. Our clients are real people with real problems that we solve together.  Loraine called us distressed on the day of closing with a last minute personal issue preventing her from moving. There was no need to worry.  Our customers come first. We simply set a new closing.

I worked with Lucas at House Heroes to sell my home. House Heroes is trustworthy, fair, and understood my situation. Rather than treat me as a number, they listened to me and  worked with me to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend House Heroes to anyone looking to sell their home.

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Lisa Rauch – 818 NW 133 Ave, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

Lisa's Testimonial

Lisa’s Situation. We purchased the house of Ms. Lisa Rauch at 818 NW 133 Street in Pembroke Pines! She found us online, got fair, fast, no-obligation cash offer, and we closed in no time. Here’s what she had to say . . .

House Heroes was honest and fair in their treatment of me. You helped me with my move, my packing, and day-to-day questions regarding closing. Your company helped so greatly, so quickly, and treated me as more than just a dollar sign. You were a friend to me.

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Clarence Williams – 11301 NW 22 Ave, Miami, FL 33167

Testimonial: Clarence Williams, NW 22 Ave in Miami

Clarence’s Situation.  Clarence was the listing agent for a home needed a total rehab: four roof leaks, collapsing walls, and dilapidated kitchen, bathrooms, and flooring. Clarence worked diligently to execute a short sale with the bank.  House Heroes stood by its cash offer for over a year until the sale could be completed.

House Heroes came in and became heroes. When I have a property that has to be a cash buyer, I call Lucas. It’s amazing the work that’s been done. Less than a month from approval for the short sale, we closed. I’ve dealt with other buyers that claim they have the cash, and don’t have the cash to complete the transaction. House Heroes had the funds, closed, and everyone is happy.

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Valerie Maksym – 7411 Simms Street, Hollywood, Florida 33024

Valerie Maksym Testimonial: 7411 Simms Street, Hollywood, Florida 33024

Valerie’s Situation. Ms. Valerie Maksym called in to House Heroes. She was looking to sell her house in Hollywood, Florida because she was downsizing and it needed some work. We came through!

House Heroes is great. I’m recommending you to my friends. You were patient with me, gave me extra time. I appreciate everything and you guys were great working with. In the future if I need you again, I’ll definitely give you a call.

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Gloria Aaron – 1662 Pleasant Drive, North Palm Beach, FL 33408

Testimonial: Gloria Aaron

Gloria’s Situation. In September 2017, Ms. Gloria Aaron called us about her home on Pleasant Drive. It needed a HUGE amount of work. She wasn’t ready to sell yet, but stayed in contact, and we closed February 2018.

I met Lucas a year ago and he has been a blessing. I was in trouble, he came and helped me, and everything went so smooth. My experience was beautiful. If I had to do it over again, I would!

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