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about house heroes

Lucas Machado here – co-founder of the House Heroes Team!

We buy houses (and condos, vacant land, and apartments). I started in real estate in 2013 with my partner Earl White. Our goal was simple. We wanted to buy one multi-family property. I produced video games at the time. Never in my wildest dreams would I have predicted Earl and I would be buying real estate on a full-time basis. Yet here we are with over a hundred-fifty closings 😃

Our real estate adventures shaped us into the people we are today. Read on to Meet The Team, get the details of Our Story, and learn about our Core Values and real estate Credentials!

epw head shot

Earl White, The Visionary


Favorite Quote: How you do anything is how you do everything.

Last Book I Read: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Lucas Machado, The Closer


Favorite Quote: If your actions don’t live up to your words, you have nothing to say.

Last Book I Read: The 4-Hour Workweek.


 Nick Machado, The Phone Guy


Favorite Quote: Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

Last Book I Read: The One Thing.

Karim - Website Photo

Karim Bruck, Outreach Pro


Favorite Quote: Learning is not attained by chance, it is developed with diligence.

Last Book I Read: Catch-22.

Video Introductions!

Earl's Introduction!

Earl’s Introduction: I’m the guy analyzing properties, calculating offers, working on the website and other marketing channels. Technically, I’m the “Vice-President” but I like to think of myself as “The Visionary” – pushing us to work creatively with sellers and progress into new areas. I grew up in New Jersey and now live with my wife and 2-year old son in Nutley. I jumped full-time into real estate when my son was born in March 2017. I worked with Lucas in my spare time since 2015 (we’ve been friends since 8th grade!) while I was an attorney with Proskauer Rose and the New Jersey AG’s Office.

Lucas' Introduction

Lucas’ Introduction: I’m “The Closer” for House Heroes – with close to 150 transactions completed since 2013! Prior to starting the company, I worked at Zynga  (a mobile and Facebook game company). I was born in Brazil, raised in New Jersey, and spent time in Pittsburg and San Francisco before settling in Florida. I’m also a new father as of May 2019 😃. My degree is in entertainment technology from Carnegie Melon. The main reason sellers work with us is to close fast and as-is. I work to the best of my ability day-in and day-out to make that happen!

Nick's Introduction

Nick’s Introduction: Calling in to House Heroes? I’ll probably pick up the phone 📞! My main job is to answer the phone lines. I started at the end of 2016 after graduating with my degree in communications. Lucas (who started our company) is my brother – so it was a natural fit for me to come on board. I’m fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. The real purpose of my work is to understand the goals of owners, the specifics of the property, and see if working with us is a good fit. I’ve learned quite a bit in the last few years and am always happy to talk.

Lucas’ wedding in Key West! Earl delivered the speech. Nick helped arrange the ceremony. Wonderful day for the House Heroes Team.

Hi guys – this is Earl White (you may have seen my picture and/or video above 😃). I’d like to take this opportunity to share a bit about our history. House Heroes opened its doors six years ago. But our story goes back to 1996.

I’ve been friends with Lucas and his brother Nick since seventh grade. We met at Lincoln Elementary. Lucas and I went to high school together, played on the same baseball teams, and were roommates at Rutgers. Plenty of adventures long before real estate!

Lucas and I went our separate ways after college.

Lucas giving the speech at Earl’s wedding eight years ago. We’re really getting old 😳.

He received an entertainment technology degree from Carnegie Mellon, and I earned my law degree at Upenn. Lucas went on to produce Facebook games in San Francisco and I worked in New York City as an attorney. We stayed friends. I was best man at Lucas’ wedding, and he gave the toast at mine 🥂.

Lucas and I thought it’d be a great idea to buy a rental property in 2013. We looked for property everywhere we might find it, and absorbed lots of info about rentals and fix-and-flips. Lucas caught the real estate bug and took a “big chance” to leave tech and dive into real estate full-time.

House Heroes grew slowly. No overnight success here! Lucas worked full-time and I helped part-time for three years. We picked up steam in 2016 and hired Nick. I joined full-time in March 2017, and brought on my sister Meghan in 2018. We aren’t a huge team. One of our core values is Small Team, Big Service.

house heroes core values

Our core values reflect our vision and goals for House Heroes. We hope they provide some insight to how we operate. Lessons we’ve learned along our real estate journey helped us become the company we are today.

House Heroes has four core values: Small Team, Big Service, Performance As Promised, A+ Experience, and Creative Thinking. Here’s how we define each value.

Small Team, Big Service

House Heroes aims to be a tight knit team that provides exceptional client service. We are the type of company you connect with everyone from the founders on down. Our goals never included hiring a huge staff. Yet – we “dream big” of growing House Heroes. We believe a well-trained team working closely together creates better customer relationships and more meaningful accomplishments.

Performance As Promised

We love making good on our offers. Lots of people throw around high numbers – with no intention to follow through. Your time and our time is too valuable to waste. You can be confident in House Heroes offers. We do “lose out” to others who offer more but then sometimes demand huge reductions before closing. We believe in making honest offers with a commitment to close at the promised price.

A+ Experience

All people – whoever they may be – should finish speaking with us having felt they communicated with a person with honesty and integrity. Our team connects with many people on a daily basis: real estate sellers and buyers, investors, agents, contractors, mentees, and other business professionals. We believe in creating an “A+ Experience” for everyone that connects with House Heroes.

Creative Thinking

Our team is at our best thinking creatively. Unique solutions help us solve problems that our clients might be facing. Working “outside the box” also keeps our team small, while still connecting with many people, providing exceptional service, and growing House Heroes. We believe creative thinking resolves tough situations and allows us to grow our business without becoming a “big company”.

vincent finn - facebook review“Earl is great. He was very helpful and he understands real estate. He took time out of day to share some marketing knowledge with me. I am a new real estate investor, and I really appreciate him being open and transparent with me. Earl, thank you for sharing your expertise.” Vincent Finn, Atlanta, Georgia (Other Social Media Reviews Here!)
ben alessio - facebook review“Super knowledgable company and very comforting to work with. Had a few long conversations with one of the partners Earl as well as Nick and both had so much useful information in regards to my real estate transactions. A+ company indeed! Looking forward to future ventures with the House Heroes team.” Ben Alessio, 5961 NW 61 Ave, #108 (See the Case Study!)
kim mayes facebook review“Lucas with House Heroes was fantastic to work with. He kept me well informed of everything that was going on with the sale and I was able to close quickly and get just what I asked for on my house. I would definitely use them again if I needed to.” Kimberley Mayes, 2330 Bal Harbour Terrace (Watch the “inside” video of this Brevard County house!)

Most homeowners prefer an offer from a reliable buyer that will close at the promised price (even House Heroes when we sell our properties). Nobody wants to deal with last minute cancellations or delays. Time is too precious.

House Heroes follows through! Don’t want to waste weeks? Neither do we! Nothing is more frustrating than getting to the finish line of a sale for it to fall apart.

Our credentials demonstrate an honest commitment to each person we work with and offer we make.

A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

One of our core values is providing an A+ Experience to everyone we connect with – whether it’s homeowners, real estate professionals, or through mentoring. Integrity is the number one reason so many have chosen to work with us. House Heroes puts our reputation on the line everyday – we are accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2017. Check out our A+ Rating Better Business Bureau Profile!

testimonials and reviews credential

Testimonials & Reviews

House Heroes is a cash home buyer that makes good on our offers. Real estate sellers are all too familiar with buyers falling through at the last minute and “over promising and failing to deliver”. Performance As Promised is another House Heroes core value.  Anyone can talk about making honest offers – it’s just words after all. Our customers speak for themselves.

Check out this video testimonials from Clarence Williams who worked with House Heroes on a short sale.

Testimonial: Clarence Williams, NW 22 Ave in Miami

“House Heroes came in and became heroes. When I have a property that has to be a cash buyer, I call Lucas. It’s amazing the work that’s been done. Less than a month from approval for the short sale, we closed. I’ve dealt with other buyers that claim they have the cash, and don’t have the cash to complete the transaction. House Heroes had the funds, closed, and everyone is happy.” Clarence Williams, 11301 NW 22 Ave, Miami, FL 33167

Visit our Testimonials page 💬 to see all our reviews and video testimonials!

case studies credentialsAny Condition, Situation, or Circumstance (For Real)

Our promise to you – the property seller – is to buy houses in any condition, situation, or circumstance. Property needs work? Troublesome tenant? Close immediately? Probate litigation? Our specialty. No job too big, no job too small! We’ve gone ahead and put together case studies (with photos, videos, and actual addresses) of ten “ugly” houses we closed on.

Check out these three examples . . .

 1519 Coolidge Street. House Heroes purchased this single-family in Broward County on August 21, 2018. Tenants had wrecked the place. The owner found us online, called in, and got his fast cash offer. “Top to bottom” renovation needed.
2330 Bal Harbour Terrace. We closed on this house in Titusville on February 7, 2018. Seller was relocating for a new job, needed a quick sale, and time post-closing.  3/2 house in fair structural condition – just needed cosmetics, landscaping, and new central AC.
207 Tropic Isle Drive. We bought this condo on August 28, 2018. The owner inherited the property, lived in New York, and was ready to move on. Small 2/1.5 unit in the “Serena Vista Condo” community. Right near sought after Intracoastal in Palm Beach.

See all 10 Case Studies 🔍 with videos, inside photos and the details behind the sale!

press and publicationsPress & Publications

Our founders – Earl and Lucas – are experienced professionals. We like to think your in good hands working with us 😃. You’ve probably seen lots of “stretching the truth” with claims to have been featured in major publications. House Heroes is an expert contributor to Forbes, Investopedia, U.S. News, Time, and plenty of others. Check out some of our “highlight” expert features from the last few years!

go banking rates Sell Your House for a Bigger Profit, GoBanking Rates. Lucas was interviewed about selecting buyers: “Poor condition property won’t qualify for a traditional bank mortgage. The buyer is likely to be a real estate investor that intends to repair the property.”

Trulia_1 Which Offer Should You Choose When Selling Your House?, Trulia. Trulia spoke with us about financed offers. Lucas was quoted: “there’s a difference between being pre-qualified and pre-approved. Being pre-qualified does not mean you will be approved, as little vetting of the borrower is done.”

Forbes Do This To Get More For Your Home, Forbes. Kerri Zane spoke asked Lucas about cost effective renovation strategies. She quoted us: “To get the appearance of a renovated bathroom without breaking the bank, re-surface. It cost approximately a third of doing an entire replacement.”

investopedia icon Should You Buy a House at Auction?, Investopedia. Amy Fonitelle quoted Earl: “Buying homes at auction has been and will continue to be popular. Owner occupants on a budget and real estate professionals migrate to sources where there is less competition.”

Skim our full press and publications list! 📝

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