move into a house or apartment

Should I Move Into a House Or An Apartment?

There are many factors that will contribute to deciding whether you should move into a house or an apartment. One of them, of course, is money, and as housing prices have risen at a rapid or even torrid pace in many locations, the monetary differences between renting and purchasing a property have become blurred. We … Continued

moving to an apartment

10 Reasons To Move From Your House To An Apartment

Moving away from a house you own is a significant event in just about everyone’s lives. Owning a home is seen as more desirable than renting for many reasons; one of which is the floor space is generally greater in a house than in an apartment. The other is that owning a home provides you … Continued

Should You Buy A Home

Rushing To Buy A Home? Slow Down!

Nearly 11 million of those who purchased homes in the US before the recent economic downtown when the real estate market was at its peak are still face an unenviable predicament: the pain of being “underwater” owing lenders more than their properties are worth. Between 2005 and 2008, prices of home are estimated to have … Continued

3 reasons to get rid of miami house

3 Reasons To Get Rid Of Your House in Miami

I almost titled this blog “3 Reasons To Sell Your House in Miami.” However, I’m delving into reasons you need to get rid of your house fast. This isn’t simply a matter of you are in the mood to sell your property. We’re going into reason you need to strongly consider moving on from the … Continued


Selling Your House in Miramar: How To Stand Out In A Buyers Market

Selling your Miramar house in a buyers market? It’s tough make your home sale stand out. Competition is fierce and people looking to buy property in Miramar have plenty of options. However, you’ve arrived at the right place! House Heroes has put together info below on how to make your Miramar house stand out. Whether … Continued

Three Golden Rules to Sell Your House Fast

Want to sell your house fast in Hialeah, Miami, or Homestead? Miami-Dade County currently has 9,382 single-family houses up for sale. Even with so much competition, selling a home in 14-days or less is possible. How you ask? There are “Three Golden Rules”: set the right price, get cash offers, and sell “as-is”. Follow these rules and win the … Continued

Cash Home Buyer Questionnaire

Cash Home Buyer Questionnaire

Selling your house is an important life decision.  House Heroes strives to educate homeowners on selecting legitimate, trustworthy, and verifiable cash home buyers.  “Cash home buyers” are supposed to buy your house fast for cash.  Unfortunately, most “cash home buyers” are neither honest nor ethical.  They lack the cash, skill, and experience to help you. … Continued

Home Sale: Sell to Investor or List on MLS

Sell to Investor or List on MLS?

Every day I speak with homeowners pondering this question: should I sell my home off-market to an investor or list on the MLS with a realtor?  Real estate investor websites self-servingly preach about their “hassle free” cash offers.  We operate differently at House Heroes LLC – we recommend home sale strategies best suited to the … Continued

Distressed Home in South Florida.

Three Pitfalls to Avoid In Selling Distressed Homes

Selling a distressed home presents different challenges than regular home sales.  When property is in excellent condition with no financial or legal problems, home sellers maximize value with patience and listing on the open market to find buyers using conventional mortgages.  Distressed property is not the same.  Foreclosure, vacancy, repairs and violations, place houses at … Continued

Alternatives To Foreclosure

Alternatives To Foreclosure

Homeowners often find themselves unable to make their monthly mortgage payments.  This can be due to losing a job or income source, or by an unexpected increase in expenses for medical or other reasons.  Delinquent mortgage payments means you are at risk of foreclosure, resulting in the bank taking your home and evicting you.  Foreclosure … Continued