Looking For A Free Real Estate Mentor?

House Heroes mentors in Florida, including Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach.

We bring local experience in finding and working deals.

Ready to begin real estate investing?

Starting in real estate can be overwhelming. You probably are asking yourself:

  • Should I wholesale, fix-and-flip, work rentals?
  • Should I find deals using the MLS, direct-mail, online marketing, or networking?
  • How do I execute on a deal once I find it?
  • Do I need money to find and work deals?

Young investors often turn to a mentor for guidance.

The problem is “gurus” don’t set you up for success. There’s several reasons traditional mentorship programs don’t get your investing career off the ground.

It is TOO EXPENSIVE. Mentors charge several thousand dollars to sign up and on top of that ask for 50% of your first few deals. And what do you get for all that? A few phone calls, a weekly coaching meeting, and a shoulder to cry on when you flop.

Mentors are “out of the game.” Fact: finding and working investor deals is dramatically different in 2018 today than it was 10 years ago. Most mentors have never found a deal in today’s fast paced environment.

National “Gurus” Don’t Know Your Market. Real estate is local. Whether it’s marketing or wholesaling, what succeeds in one geography can fail in another.

Our mentorship program suffers from none of these problems and can be tailored to your needs.

If want a free local real estate mentor, call us at 954-676-1846 or e-mail heroes@househeroes.com.

Lucas Machado & Earl White, House Heroes LLC Founders

There are two main goals for any investor: finding a deal and executing on the deal. You need both to succeed.

Our company has experts in each. Lucas is the transactional expert and Earl is the acquisitions expert.

Here’s a bit about each . . .

Lucas Machado. Lucas has been full time real estate investor in Florida since 2014. He has worked over 200 real estate transactions, including wholesaling, fix-and-flips, rentals, hard-money loans, joint ventures. He’s worked single-family, multi-family, and vacant land deals. If you need to execute a deal, he is the guy.

Earl White. Earl manages acquisitions. He sources deals. Earl oversees pipelines including direct-mail (probate, out-of-state, delinquent taxes, violations), online marketing (SEO, Adwords, re-marketing), MLS (regular, short sales, REOs), and direct outreach.

One important thing to remember: nobody knows everything about real estate. Not about working deals, not about marketing. In fact, both Lucas and Earl rely on experts in their niches.

Our skill is pulling it all together and running an investment business.

How Our Free Program Works

We are “deal” mentors.

Since 2014, we’ve worked hundreds of transactions, including wholesales, flips, rentals, hard-money loans, joint ventures, etc.

We work up to 8 deals (flips and wholesales) at one time.

Here is exactly how our free program works.

We bring to the table: Cash, transactional and rehab experience; buyer’s list; and local network.

You bring to the table: seller lead or executed contract.

We agree on a profit split if the deal is successful.

We get paid if you get paid. It’s a “win win”.

Put aside the money we both make.

The real value to you is the education gained working hand-in-hand each step of the transaction. We walk you through the entire process from review of the initial purchase agreement to closing of the end sale.

Work with us a few times and, if you paid attention, you can work deals on your own.

Reasons To Work With Us

Successfully completing your first real estate deal means working with others.

Even with hundreds of transactions under our belt, we still rely on others. A vacant land specialist, a partner with deep pockets to fund a mega deal, a wholesaler who knows “just the right buyer” for a niche property.

Here is what you gain working with House Heroes:

Cash Financing. We maintain large cash reserves of our money to execute residential deals in the $100,000 to $300,000 range. For deals of higher values, we can use your funding to bridge loan to a larger hard-money loan.

We also maintain a network of private lenders that fund 100% of our purchase and rehab costs in exchange for a share of their profit. Whether its our own cash, or a lender, we get real estate deals funded.

Buyer’s List. We have built up an extensive buyer’s list since 2014 via networking and paid advertising. We also know all the main wholesale players in our market. If there is a buyer out there to purchase a wholesale deal, our network lets us find it.

Modern Transactional Experience. Flips, wholesales, rentals, hard-money loans. Single-family, multi-family, commercial, vacant land. We’ve worked several hundred transactions the last few years. Enough said.

Our experience is 100% in Florida. The local market? We know how it works.

Rehab Experience. Want that “bigger payday” from rehabbing as opposed to just wholesaling? We are experienced rehabbers. We normally run between 2 to 4 rehabs at one time and have a network of local contractors on call.

Our mentorship program is 100% free and no cost. You will work with experienced Florida real estate investors that know how to get deals done.

Honesty, transparency, and fair dealing at all times.

Call us at 954-676-1846 if you want to work together!