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How It Works

How We Buy Probate Houses

House Heroes has a simple “3 Step Home Buying Process” for probate and inherited property.

Here’s how it works . . .

contact us probateStep One. Call us (954) 676-1846 or fill in our Get My Fair Cash Offer Now! form. We gather a bit of info about the address and property condition to make our “highest and best” offer.

get my offer probateStep Two. We make a fair cash offer. Honest “as-is” offers based on local comps. Our offers are never contingent on mortgages. We have our own cash: no banks necessary.

close fast probateStep Three. Get paid in days, not months. We can close as quickly or slowly as you choose. Effortless and hassle free process. No realtor fees, no repairs, no open houses, no yard signs.

Selling with a real estate agent is never this easy. Agents make you sign a “listing agreement” granting the exclusive right to sell your home. You pay up to 6% commission – even if you find the buyer.

Want a fair offer for your house? Wondering how much we can pay? Our offers are cash, no obligation, and as-is. You pay zero real estate agent commission. Just click the button below for your offer!

Get My Cash Offer

The Premier Cash Home Buyer

Want to work with a trustworthy, honest, and experienced cash home buyer? House Heroes has got you covered!

we-buy-houses-probateWe’ve been buying probate and inherited property for over 5 years. We help homeowners sell in all sorts of situations: sell fast, major renovations, relocation, foreclosure, eviction, late taxes.

According to Kim Carrin, “I thought selling was going to be a hassle because I lived far away and it needed work. House Heroes bought the property in its current condition in a couple weeks.”

We are Better Business Bureau accredited and have plenty of client testimonials. Five-star Google, Facebook, and Yelp Reviews. An expert resource for companies including Time, Trulia, Realtor, and Investopedia.

House Heroes has been buying probate property for years. Our team knows local values and how to buy fast. Click the green button below to learn more about House Heroes!

About Us

House We Bought For Cash!

We don’t want to just tell you “we buy houses” in probate or that you inherited – we want to show you. Let’s look at some examples . . .

3815 Lambert Ave. The owner contacted us to sell her abandoned house. Squatters had moved in. We bought it “as-is” and closed in a few weeks. The house needed a total renovation – check the photos!

probate house 1

1662 Pleasant Drive. The owner was looking to sell ASAP as he was moving out of state. We agreed on price, completed a walk through, and bought the house the next month.

probate house 2

There is more info about House Heroes on our site. Check it out!

How Probate Works & Resources

“Probate” proceedings normally begin before an inherited house is sold. Probate litigation has five stages. Obtain information about each stage of probate on

  1. Filing the petition. Probate litigation is instituted by a personal representative named in the will or a person petitions the court to be executor.
  2. Notice to creditors and beneficiaries. The representative must notice anyone with an interest in the estate.
  3. Payment of the Estate’s debts, taxes, and expenses. Debts do not disappear – they must be paid before you inherit. Probate property is commonly  used to satisfy amounts owed.
  4. Legal title of property transferred in accordance with the will or local inheritance laws. Once creditor claims are satisfied, the personal representative petitions the court to transfer remaining assets to beneficiaries.
  5. Closing the probate estate. The estate is formally closed with a final account, petition for distribution, a final hearing with notice to all parties.

Here are some probate resources we created:

House Heroes makes it easy to “sell my house in probate”.

Ready for your fair cash offer? Just fill in our simple form by clicking here or call us at (954) 676-1846 for your fair, hassle-free, no obligation cash offer!

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