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Need to Sell Your House In Miramar? Price it right!

Looking To Sell Your House In Miramar? How To Price It Right!

The decision to move houses is never an easy one. But once a homeowner has decided to sell their Miramar home, they face another obstacle: deciding on the right price. You want a change of scenery and it’s a great time to sell your Miramar home. But one question stands in your way: is the […]

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Do It Yourself Home Repairs

Easy Home Upgrades When Selling Your House in Tamarac

Ready to sell your Tamarac house? Thinking about super cheap home improvements to increase market value? Draw in more buyers – without spending lots of cash – with these tips and tricks. The Doorway / Entry: The first thing a prospective buyer sees coming in the home is the door. The first impression is precious. […]

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Time To Sell Your Ft. Lauderdale Houses?

Time to Sell Your Ft. Lauderdale House?

The “right time” to sell your Ft. Lauderdale house may be here! There’s been 10% home appreciation for the last 5-years. Median sales prices in Ft. Lauderdale increased from $280,000 to $319,500 from April 13 to July 12, 2017 – according to Trulia’s recent report. What goes up, must come down. Sell high, buy low. […]

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Selling a House that Needs Repairs in Miramar

Need help selling a house that needs repairs in Miramar? The median home value in Miramar is $277,500, but you can’t expect those sale proceeds for a fixer-upper. When a property need work your faced with a tough choice: sink your own cash  or search for a buyer willing to buy the home “as-is” and […]

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Sell My House Without an Agent In Fort Lauderdale

Considering “the best way to sell my house without an agent” in Fort Lauderdale? Using a realtor, and the accompanying 6% realtor fee, isn’t always the best choice. It’s a great option for homeowners with houses in great condition. If you’re property needs work – or you need to sell fast – alternative solutions may […]

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Three Thing To Do Before Selling Your House With a Tenant

Selling your house with a tenant is complicated in Palm Beach and the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area.  One option is getting a cash offer to sell as-is from a cash home buyer like House Heroes LLC and not worry about the tenant. The sale of rented property is different than vacant/owner-occupied property. In the […]

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Selling House With A Tenant

Sell House With a Tenant? Do This First.

Sell your house with a tenant? Homebuyers during the subprime mortgage meltdown turned into “accidental landlords” when unable to sell their underwater property. You’re a veteran landlord ready to call it quits, or tired of problem tenants.  Maybe you want fast cash to relocate or pay for life expenses. Selling tenant occupied property presents unique […]

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Sell Your Probate House

Selling an Inherited Probate House in Miami

Selling an inherited property in Miami-Dade County can be difficult. It is an emotional time and, as a result, economic decisions become stressful. The house may be distant so taking steps on your own to maximize curb appeal and manage the sale may be impossible. Older individuals sometimes fall behind on repairs, taxes, and repairs […]

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Home For Sale By Owner

How to “For Sale By Owner”

Homeowners are sometimes eager to sell their property FSBO (“For Sale By Owner”). The motivation is to avoid realtor commission and perceived complexity in listing a home on the Multiple Listing Service (“MLS”). This blog discusses common ways to sell your house by yourself if you want to “go it alone.” Find Cash Buyer Online.  […]

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Three Tips To Negotiate Home Sales

Three Home Sale Negotiation Tips

Negotiation is part of every home sale. Each side of the transaction (buyer and seller) must be satisfied for the property to sell.  Achieving this mutually acceptable result requires good faith discussion to identify and resolve disagreements.  Understanding your goals, knowing your property, and keeping a cool head are essential ingredients for your successful negotiation. […]

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