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Tips For Selling a Miami Probate House

Selling a probate property in Miami? Inheriting a house can be deeply personal, stressful, and overwhelming. On the one hand, receiving property is a financial gift. On the other, there are challenges abound. Siblings and family members may disagree on how to utilize the property. Probate houses are often in disrepair making selling more difficult […]

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5 Reasons To Sell My House Fast In Boca Raton

5 Reasons To Sell My House In Boca Raton

Homeowners in Boca Raton sell their houses every day. The motivation to sell property varies for each person. You could be downsizing when the kids move out, or upgrading after having twins! Perhaps the neighborhood has changed and you just want a fresh start. Sometimes, you may need to sell in Boca fast due to a […]

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Common Tax Questions Probate

Common Tax Questions When Selling a Probate House

Selling an inherited house? You’re likely wondering about the tax implications on the sales proceeds you receive. Tax laws are confusing after you inherit a house. Several common questions pop-up again and again. We address the following questions in this blog: Will the “home sale tax exclusion” apply to inherited property? What are the “stepped-up […]

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How Probate Works in Florida

How Probate Works In Florida

Selling a house you are inheriting in Florida? Probate property is a gift and a challenge. You’ve received an asset worth thousands of dollars, but it is attached to hiring an attorney and months (if not years) of court litigation. When selling a probate home, there can be sibling disagreements, complex legal issues, legal delays, […]

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10 Reasons You Need To Sell a House

There are many reasons homeowners need to sell a house. Getting rid of property can save you time, stress, money – even stop the bank or city from re-possessing a home. Want quick cash in your pocket? Even if you want to move on from unwanted house, you can get paid cash no matter the […]

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Sell Your Probate House

Selling an Inherited Probate House in Miami

Selling an inherited property in Miami-Dade County can be difficult. It is an emotional time and, as a result, economic decisions become stressful. The house may be distant so taking steps on your own to maximize curb appeal and manage the sale may be impossible. Older individuals sometimes fall behind on repairs, taxes, and repairs […]

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What To Do With An Inherited Home

              In South Florida alone, thousands of people are in the process of inheriting probate houses. Inheriting property can be a challenging experience, both financially and emotionally.  Amidst experiencing the profound grief over losing a loved one, family members inherit homes that require thoughtful planning.  Siblings often disagree about […]

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