guide to selling property as-is in florida

Guide To Selling a House As-Is in Florida

Are you looking to sell a house as-is in Florida? Perhaps you prefer a simple and fast sale, or the house could use some work and you’d rather save time and money. You might be wondering what “as-is” really means, and whether you even can sell a house as-is in Florida. Learning what must be … Continued

sell house as-is

Sell a House AS-IS: The Interactive Guide

Are you looking to sell a house “as-is”? The house may need work, and you’d rather not waste time and money on a fixer-upper. Perhaps you prefer a quick and easy sale rather than dragging it out months. Weighing the pros and cons of selling “as-is” will help make the best decision. It’s important figure … Continued

what to repair before selling your house

Top 10 Things to Repair Before Selling a House

Wondering what to repair before selling your house? No doubt you have a list of items that need repairs, replacement, or renovation. Most home buyers expect a move-in ready house that doesn’t demand additional money. Making the “wrong repairs” can result in selling for less, slower, and even taking a loss on the repair. A prospective buyer may … Continued

sell abandoned house

Selling An Abandoned House

Do you have an abandoned house? Have you considered selling it? The housing market in the US is going through an interesting phase. Cities are plagued by abandoned properties. Across the nation, nearly one out of every 63 residential properties is vacant. For example, while 2015 saw the building of several hundred thousand new homes, … Continued

sell house with fire damage

Selling A House After Fire Damage

Are you selling property after a house fire? You’re not alone . . . According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are 350,000 to 400,000 house fires every year leading to nearly $8 billion in damages in the US. There were  352,000 home fires in 2016 that led to the deaths of 2,735 people and … Continued

sell house leaking roof

Can I Sell My House With A Leaky Roof?

Yes – you can sell a house with a leaking roof! Keeping a house with a bad roof is dangerous. Leaks can damage to rest of the house. The first place to get impacted is the attic quickly followed by the interior ceiling. When water gets to the interior ceiling, water damage can flow to … Continued


Selling Your House in Miramar: How To Stand Out In A Buyers Market

Selling your Miramar house in a buyers market? It’s tough make your home sale stand out. Competition is fierce and people looking to buy property in Miramar have plenty of options. However, you’ve arrived at the right place! House Heroes has put together info below on how to make your Miramar house stand out. Whether … Continued

How To Pay For Home Improvements

How To Pay For Home Improvements

Does your house need major improvements? Stressed about how to pay for renovations? Repairing properties that need work is expensive. Roofs, HVACs, and electrical projects add up to tens of thousands of dollars. The “uglier” the house, the higher the bills. If you have a fixer-upper, you need a lot of money. Money stands between … Continued


3 Things To Do Before Selling a House in Miami

There are plenty of moving parts in selling a house in Miami. Preparing the property to be sold is critical to getting lots of interested buyers walking through. To give yourself the best shot at a fast and profitability Miami home sale, make sure you do these 3 things before selling your home. We Buy … Continued

5 Ways To Sell A House Fast

5 Ways to Sell a House Fast

Looking to sell a house fast? Home sales can be quick and easy, or slow and painful. Online “guidance” on selling property fast is flat out wrong. Articles talk about upgrades, curb appeal, hiring real estate agents, professional photography. Any of that sound like you will be closing in two weeks? This advice will delay … Continued