selling inherited property with siblings

Selling Inherited Property With Siblings [Complete Guide]

Considering selling inherited property with siblings? Families can be complicated. I have two sisters myself. We don’t always see “eye to eye” in picking a restaurant, let alone selling a parent’s house now owned with family. A brother or sister may be living in the house and not want to move out. You might want … Continued


How to Sell a Probate House: Miami-Dade County

Are you thinking about selling a probate or inherited house in Miami-Dade County? Probate property sales are challenging – take some time to get familiar with the inheritance process. This blog walks through common questions and pressing issues when selling an inherited Miami-Dade house: filing procedures, costs and fees, attorneys, stages of litigation, tax implications, … Continued

how to pay for probate court

How To Pay For Probate

Probate is the court-supervised process where property is distributed from a deceased person’s estate to heirs, beneficiaries, and creditors. Filing for probate is expensive. Heirs often can’t afford it. The process takes months or even years – court and attorney’s fees quickly pile up. If you are inheriting property, your probably asking these questions: How … Continued

Choosing The Right Probate Attorney

Choosing The Right Probate Attorney

Are you inheriting a house via the probate process? If so, the legal process can be long and arduous. The probate process is not only long but can be expensive hence why you need the best probate attorney. The better your probate attorney the better and faster the case can proceed. Follow these tips for … Continued

what to do with probate property

What To Do With My Probate House

Once that probate house has finally become yours, figuring out what to do or how to use it can present not only financial but also emotional issues.  In particular, the financial implications can be challenging. It could become even more complex if you have co-inheritors. For starters, you need to be aware of the fact … Continued


Tips For Selling a Miami Probate House

Selling a probate property in Miami? Inheriting a house can be deeply personal, stressful, and overwhelming. On the one hand, receiving property is a financial gift. On the other, there are challenges abound. Siblings and family members may disagree on how to utilize the property. Probate houses are often in disrepair making selling more difficult … Continued

5 Reasons To Sell My House Fast In Boca Raton

5 Reasons To Sell My House In Boca Raton

Homeowners in Boca Raton sell their houses every day. The motivation to sell property varies for each person. You could be downsizing when the kids move out, or upgrading after having twins! Perhaps the neighborhood has changed and you just want a fresh start. Sometimes, you may need to sell in Boca fast due to a … Continued

Common Tax Questions Probate

Common Tax Questions When Selling a Probate House

Selling an inherited house? You’re likely wondering about the tax implications on the sales proceeds you receive. Tax laws are confusing after you inherit a house. Several common questions pop-up again and again. We address the following questions in this blog: Will the “home sale tax exclusion” apply to inherited property? What are the “stepped-up … Continued

How Probate Works in Florida

How Probate Works In Florida

Selling a house you are inheriting in Florida? Probate property is a gift and a challenge. You’ve received an asset worth thousands of dollars, but it is attached to hiring an attorney and months (if not years) of court litigation. When selling a probate home, there can be sibling disagreements, complex legal issues, legal delays, … Continued


10 Reasons You Need To Sell a House

There are many reasons homeowners need to sell a house. Getting rid of property can save you time, stress, money – even stop the bank or city from re-possessing a home. Want quick cash in your pocket? Even if you want to move on from unwanted house, you can get paid cash no matter the … Continued