4 Must-Dos before Putting Your Home on the Market

Making the decision to sell your home is no small matter. Maybe you’ve decided downsizing from your house to an apartment makes financial sense, or maybe you have the goal of selling your house and continuing to live in it. Whatever motivates your decision to list your house on the market, one thing remains the … Continued


Sell My House and Stay In It: The Ultimate Guide

Looking to sell a house and still to live in it? Owners often prefer to sell their house and stay in it after closing. Many are unaware you can easily get cash for your house and continue to reside there after closing. Real estate companies and rental investors will buy your house and “rent it … Continued

selling a house with flooring problems

Selling a House with Flooring Problems

Everyone hopes to sell their home soon after listing it and get the price they’re looking for. Things aren’t always that easy. Many home sellers don’t mind repairing everything that’s broken or old to get a much higher price for their home because. Before doing so, be aware that some things are worth repairing, while … Continued

sell beachfront property

Helpful Tips for Selling Your Beachfront Property

Thinking about selling a beachfront property? Summer is perfect for spending time at the beach, getting tanned, swimming and doing water sports. It’s also the season when homeowners are busiest in selling or leasing real estate along the water. Still, even though lots of people are interested in leasing or even buying, beachfront property is … Continued

Easy DIY Projects To Sell Your Home For More

You may feel like you’re ready to sell your house right now. Or, you may miss out on your ‘dream home’ because you took too long to sell your current property. However, speeding through the selling process has some risks. Potential buyers will be well aware of the fact that you ignored essential home renovations. … Continued

sell house unpermitted construction

How to Sell a Home With Unpermitted Construction

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to find unpermitted work when it comes time to sell. There can be a few reasons construction doesn’t end up permitted . . . Home construction laws change from neighborhood to neighborhood, and the rules can be complicated for those who don’t have the time to dissect many subsections of … Continued

time to sell miami house

Best Time to Sell Your House in Miami

Wondering if it’s the right time to sell a home in Miami? Check out some tips below to help decide if it’s the right time for you to move on from your house! Miami, blending wonderful weather and lifestyle, attracts residents from around the world. It was voted the 27th most exciting city on the … Continued

costs of selling your house palm beach

How Much Does Selling With A Palm Beach Realtor Cost?

Have you considered the actual costs to sell your Palm Beach house with a realtor? Think it through before making a final decision on whether to sell “for sale by owner” or with an agent. While many of us save for a house and actually anticipate the costs that typically come with buying one, few … Continued

5 Reasons To Sell Your House In Fort Lauderdale

The majority of people have no intention of living in their first home forever. However, knowing when the best time to put the old house on the market is more challenging. In fact, for many, it can be compared with having to part with a longtime significant other. Deep down inside, you knew very well … Continued

desperate to sell house miami

Desperate To Sell Your House in Miami?

Are you desperate to sell your house in Miami? Selling your home can a stressful experience, especially in overheated markets. In Miami (where real estate is always buzzing), buyers generally have lots options to choose from. The greater housing selection brings more competition among the sellers, and in turn, can sometimes lower sale price.. Another … Continued