St. Joseph, the Saint of Selling Houses

Wondering about the saint for selling houses? Learn a bit about St. Joseph, as well as home sale prayers and traditions, below. Consider you may not need divine intervention to sell your house! Any property can be sold by following a few simple steps.

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Joseph: The Saint of Selling Houses

The patron saint of selling houses is St. Joseph. In the bible, Joseph is the husband of Mary (mother of Jesus) and the earthly father of Jesus.  According to the gospel of Matthew, Joseph obeys the direction of the angel Gabriel to marry Mary: “Joseph, son of David . . . do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife. For the child within her was conceived by the Holy Spirit.” Joseph safely escorted Mary and Jesus out of Bethlehem after the nativity to avoid Herod.

St. Joseph is understood to have been a carpenter and passed that skill on to Jesus. Due to his history as a builder, St. Joseph has become associated with the sale of houses. “The Feast of St. Joseph” occurs every March 19. In 1870, Pope Pius IX declared him patron of the universal church.

St. Joseph Prayer To Sell A House

According to Fr. Richard Heilman of the Catholic Church, here is the prayer to sell your house:

O, Saint Joseph, you who taught our Lord the carpenter’s trade, and saw to it that he was always properly housed, hear my earnest plea. I want you to help me now as you helped your foster-child Jesus, and as you have helped many others in the matter of housing. I wish to sell this house quickly, easily, and profitably and I implore you to grant my wish by bringing me a good buyer, one who is eager, compliant, and honest, and by letting nothing impede the rapid conclusion of the sale.

Dear Saint Joseph, I know you would do this for me out of the goodness of your heart and in your own good time, but my need is very great now and so I must make you hurry on my behalf.

Saint Joseph, I am going to place you in a difficult position with your head in darkness and you will suffer as our Lord suffered, until this house is sold. Then, Saint Joseph, i swear before the cross and God Almighty, that I will redeem you and you will receive my gratitude and a place of honor in my home.

In addition to St. Joseph’s prayer, you can say a novena to St. Joseph. A “novena” is a Christian prayer that is repeated for nine consecutive days. Fr. Heilman recommends the following:

Day 1: Oh God, guide of those who listen and helper of those who hear your voice, speak to me, as you did to St. Joseph, and help me accomplish the things you give me to do.

Day 2: O God, you love your people and bless the ordinary lives we quietly live. As you blessed St. Joseph, bless what I do, however hidden and simple it may be, and let all I do be done with love.

Day 3: O God, ever faithful, you remember us always and in time reveal your blessings. Help me trust in you, as St. Joseph faithfully trusted, and never let me lose faith in the wonderful gifts you promise me.

Day 4: God of families, bless the family that’s mine. Keep us safe from harm, and never let evil come between us. Let peace remain in our hearts.

Day 5: O God, who loves children, be kind to our children today. Give them eyes of faith for seeing far, a loving heart for welcoming life, and a place always at your side.

Day 6: God of our heavenly home, bless our home on earth. Let the spirit of Mary and Joseph rest at our table, shape our words and actions, and bring blessing to our children.

Day 7: God, our Father, give your fatherly spirit to those who are fathers now. Like Joseph, give them hearts of devoted love for their wives and children and strength for forgiveness and patience.

Day 8: Give shelter, O God, to those who need it, and bring together families divided. Give us enough to eat, and decent work to earn our bread. Care for us, O God.

Day 9: Bless all families, O Lord especially those in need. Remembering the life of your Son, we pray for the poor, for those who lack a good home, for those in exile. Grant them a protector like Joseph, O God.

In addition to the prayer, there is a tradition of burying a statute of St. Joseph when trying to sell a house. The first step is to purchase a statue of Saint Joseph – preferably between 3 to 4 inches in order for the burial to be easier. You can buy a St. Joseph burial kit on Amazon. Next, wrap the statue in protective material to prevent dirt and damage and as a sign of respect. Finally, dig a hole in your backyard (near a “For Sale” sign or road). Some suggest placing the statute upside down facing, right side up, or facing your house.

You Don’t Need Divine Intervention!

Although asking for divine intervention to sell a house is tempting, you do not need an angel to get your property sold! Just follow a few simple steps for a quick and easy sale. As long as you price it right, you’re home sale will occur fast.

Step #1: Learn about your house.

You can look up your house on the local county website. This normally includes all relevant specifications, including living area, building area, lot size, year built, zoning. You can then look up comps on websites like Zillow and Redfin to learn about neighborhood sales. Remember to consider the condition of your property: houses that have not been recently updated sell for less than beautifully renovated property. If your house hasn’t sold, you likely priced too high.

Sell Your House In 3 Steps
Selling a house is easy: learn about the property, price according to your goal, and choose the right buyer and offer!

Step #2: Find a buyer.

There are a few ways you can find a buyer. A common option is to hire a realtor to list the house on the MLS. The downsides of listing on the MLS are that you pay 6% realtor commission (which can add up to the thousands), sign a listing agreement, prepare the house for sale, and go through open-houses.

Another option is to selling property now is contacting a real estate investor like House Heroes LLC. We are professional home buyers that purchase property in any condition, situation, or price range. We guarantee a fair cash offer in 24-hours. Give us a call (954) 676-1846 for a no-obligation offer!

Step #3: Accept An Offer!

Choosing the right offer is important. The highest number isn’t always the best. Ask yourself: what is my objective with this sale? If you need to sell as soon as possible, consider that selling a house in 14-days or less means taking a smaller amount. In this scenario, working with a cash buyer that specializes in fast closing is ideal.  If you can afford to hold out for the highest offer, consider listing the property on the MLS with a realtor.

Cash offers are superior to mortgages because banks often decline to issue the mortgages at the last second for all sorts of reasons: low appraisal, poor property condition, insufficient documentation, negative credit event, job loss.

Cash offers can close no matter what. No red-tape. Make sure to vet a cash buyer to ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy. Ask for bank statement proof of funds, check for Better Business Bureau registration, look at online reviews and testimonials. Don’t roll the dice with a “cash buyer” that you can’t verify.

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