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Facing foreclosure?  Behind on mortgage payments?

If you’re in foreclosure or mortgage default, banks can repossess your home and
evict you without compensation.  Don’t let that happen.

We buy foreclosure homes fast for cash, in any condition, in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach.
With cash in your pocket, pay back the bank and walk away with thousands of dollars.

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What is Foreclosure?


Foreclosure is the legal process lenders (commonly banks) use to seize a homeowner’s house, evict the homeowner, and sell the home due to mortgage payment delinquency.  For conventional mortgages, homeowners use their house as “collateral” to secure the mortgage in the event the homeowner can no longer make payments.  Lenders use foreclosure to recover outstanding amounts due on the mortgage, by forcing a house sale at judicial auction.

The Foreclosure Process

Foreclosure begins when a homeowner no longer makes timely payments.  After a period of missed payments, the lender records a “Notice of Default” or “Lis Pendens” at the County Recorder’s Office to notify the homeowner of the danger of losing the home and being evicted.  After being notified of default, there is a “pre-foreclosure” process where the homeowner and bank may negotiate a short sale, satisfy the balance remaining on the mortgage, or modify mortgage terms.  If the bank and homeowner cannot reach an agreement, the house is listed for judicial auction and sold to the highest cash bidder.

How Can I Stop Foreclosure?

You can stop foreclosure by selling your home to a real estate investor who pays cash fast for your home.  Real estate investors buy the foreclosure home, fix it, and then re-sell for profit.  With money from the house sale, you satisfy the mortgage balance and walk away with profit.  Although you no longer own the home, this option is better than losing your house entirely and being evicted when the bank says so.  Real estate investors such as House Heroes specialize in buying foreclosure homes fast for cash, allowing you to move on with your life.

You should also consider hiring a realtor to sell your home.  Realtor services are best utilized for houses in good condition that can be sold for top dollar to a new homeowner.  Unfortunately, home owners going through foreclosure need cash fast to stop imminent judicial sales.  Foreclosure homes are also frequently in poor condition.  Under these circumstances, a real estate investor may be a better option.

Other solutions to foreclosure include: modifying mortgage terms, short sale, refinancing, requesting debt forgiveness, renting out the home for more than your mortgage payment, deed in lieu of foreclosure, and bankruptcy.  Give us a call at (954) 676-1846 or fill out this simple form and we’ll be glad to discuss these options.

Florida Foreclosure Law

Faced with judicial foreclosure proceedings, Florida homeowners need to understand the laws applicable to Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.  Homeowners should consult with a qualified foreclosure attorney.

In Florida, foreclosure proceedings last approximately 180 days.  Homeowners have the “right of redemption” to reclaim a foreclosed home if they can repay the outstanding mortgage balance.  Lenders may seek a “deficiency judgment” against homeowners personally to obtain money owed above foreclosure sale proceeds.

Can House Heroes Buy My Foreclosure House?

YES!  At House Heroes, we buy Florida foreclosure properties on a regular basis.  Just call now at (954) 676-1846 or fill out this form for an immediate fast and fair cash offer.  We never charge you any fees or costs – if our offer is suitable, we can proceed to a sale and stop foreclosure.

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