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5 Owner Financing Tips For Sellers In Florida

If you have decided to sell your house with the use of owner financing, ensure to read this blog post to learn about the five owner financing tips that sellers can use in Florida…

sell house owner finance
With owner financing, you are the bank.

There are many methods you can employ to sell your house. You can either list it on the market to see what buyers are willing to pay for it or work with a real estate company (like us here at House Heroes) and get a fair payment for it. You can also choose to “be the bank” and use owner financing (also known as “seller financing”) so you can sell your house and collect payments from the buyer over time.

Owner finance is a useful but underrated strategy to sell your house. It is the process where you give the option of monthly payments to the buyer (just like a mortgage). Below are five owner financing tips for sellers in Florida…

Owner Financing Tip #1: Don’t Focus Only On Price

Price is an important component of financial transactions. Still, there are other considerations for attention to (which could prove to be more beneficial than the asking price in the long run).

Owner Financing Tip #2: Timeline

Determine the timeline of payment that favors you. You are acting as a bank. Banks offer mortgages spanning across 5,10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years. Be sure that you are alright with being paid over that period of time. Your buyer will also want to pick a favorable timeline. They may not want to be paying you for the next 30 years!

Owner Financing Tip #3: Terms

Terms are the most important parts of a deal. But, for some reason, they are also the most overlooked. The terms in an owner financing transaction may include the amount of money you want for an early or late repayment penalty, and most importantly, how much interest you’re charging.

Owner Financing Tip #4: Protect Yourself

Even if the person you’re entering into an agreement with is completely trustworthy, things can still go wrong – so ensure that you protect yourself. For instance, ensure that both you and the buyer have insurance for contingencies that may occur. You also want to make sure you get a mortgage lien on the property to protect your interest.

Owner Financing Tip #5: Build Contingencies

Most of the agreements between you and the buyer will be centered on the “ideal plan” – of the possible results if everything goes well. But we can’t always control everything, so creating contingencies will give you the opportunity to make better decisions in the case of unexpected events. For example, maybe the buyer decides to pay off the loan early. Agreeing to the contingencies ahead of time will ensure that the arrangement will go much smoother.

Are you thinking of selling your house?

If you’re considering selling and want to explore your options, think about selling directly to us. If you don’t want to pass through the headache and hassle of selling to the market, we can help. We even buy seller finance houses! Call our team at (954) 676-1846 or click here now to fill out the form, and we’ll give you a fair offer on your house.


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