5 Proven Tips to Sell Your House Faster In Jacksonville

Selling a house in Jacksonville?

You probably want to sell quickly. Time is money when it comes to holding property. The longer it takes your property sell, the more costs you have in the long run. Utilities, taxes, and insurance payments only stop once the sale is finalized.

If you’re Jacksonville house is listed for a long time, you probably won’t get your asking price. The house will look like damaged goods. To get the highest return on your Jacksonville house, selling fast is a good idea. You don’t want to hang on for a hurricane to strike and saddle you with damaged goods.

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Now, onto our 5 tips to sell Jacksonville houses faster!

Get Rid of Your Junk

Don’t put off packing everything up to the last minute. Before you list, advertise, or show, box up and store any unnecessary knick knacks. People viewing your home will consciously (or subconsciously) be turned off by ugly clutter and your personal or hygiene items. They will feel like intruders in your space, and won’t be able to picture themselves living in the house. Keep decor neutral. Consider having professional stager add the right touches to your house.

Got a lot of junk lying around? Get rid of it for a fast home sale!

Getting rid of clutter might be tough . . . here’s a few ideas to overcome the de-cluttering blues.

  • Create List of “Must Have” Items. Some items you can’t do without. Make a list of these items. Next time you see something that you might consider getting rid of – check your list. Not there? Time to de-clutter.
  • Ask “When Will I Use This”. Are you hanging on to things thinking you might need it one day? You might need anything one day . . . Before saving something, think if the item has a concrete use.
  • Wait 24-hours. Not sure whether to keep or throw away? Put off the decision until tomorrow. Your head will be clearer when it’s not spinning from all the cleaning.
  • Start Simple. De-cluttering an attic or basement could be daunting. If discouraged, you might not even start. Pick a project that is easy. Once you see how great it is to live clutter, tackle the harder jobs.

Beautiful Photos

Most prospective buyers shop online for their next house. You need to capture their attention in only a matter of seconds. People scroll right past a house with bad or sub-par photos. The pictures you use in your ad should present the house in the best possible light. Consider renting a wide angle lens, or hiring a professional to help you get the right shots. Any fees you encounter are well worth it in the end.

Valorie L. Ford shared the following insight on making sure your photos are great:

When photographing a room it almost always looks better if the shot is taken from the doorway looking into the room.

Exterior pictures of single-family homes look better if shot from an angle instead of directly from the front. This allows viewers to see the depth of the home instead of a “flat” two-dimensional view of the front.

Try not to include obstructions on the outside if possible. Items such as telephone poles, electrical wires and dumpsters do nothing to make a home look appealing and actually detract from what should be the center of attention — the house itself.

Be sure to take a LOT of photos. That way you can pick and choose which pictures look the best. That’s one of the advantages of today’s digital cameras: Pictures are disposable and of course there are no printing costs involved, so click away!

Maximize Buyer Appeal

First impressions are key when selling your home.  They say, whether they know it or not, buyers decide right away if they will make an offer on a home. What potential buyers see as they are pulling up to the house, will set the overall tone of the showing. Unlike many other home improvements, curb appeal can usually be done at a low cost.

  • Clean up and weed the garden/lawn
  • Plant some flowers
  • New hardware such as mailbox, address numbers and door handles
  • Fresh coat of paint on the door
  • New doormat
You get one chance at a first impression. That means landscaping for selling your house.

Paul Esajian said the following with regard to tackling landscaping:

Curb appeal starts with the condition of the grass, landscaping and any trees or bushes near the front of the property. If you have old, dying shrubs near the front entrance, they threaten to set a negative tone for the rest of the property. Plants on the front stairs, flowers in the garden, fresh mulch and updated shrubs are all easy fixes that have a big return. If your grass is old and there are dirt patches, you can lay down some sod or start the seeding process months before your house is ready. Little things like cleaning leaves out of the gutters or hosing the driveway may seem insignificant, but if a buyer feels like the house is home before they walk in you are already ahead of the game.

Pricing To Sell

From day 1 your home needs to be priced correctly. A great agent will be able to help advise you, however you should do a bit of homework on your own. What are other houses in the neighborhood actually selling for? Run some comps, and don’t price too high. Many people go for the highest imaginable price, hoping to snag a buyer. However, most of the time, this only leads to impending price cuts. And while you are finagling with price, your listing is dropping further and further down the line. In addition, repetitive price drops will make you look desperate or give the impression that there is something wrong with the house. By starting off with a well-researched price, you will be able to hit the market and be competitive with other listings in your area.

Over pricing rarely pays off. You will scare off buyers. It will take far too long to sell (if ever). Other risks include attracting “shady” realtors willing list your house at ridiculous prices, and also failing to show up in search results at the correct price range. Even if you’re lucky enough to get a buyer that wants to pay a high price, that doesn’t mean a bank will. For buyers relying on conventional mortgages, backs require an appraisal and will not loan money above that.

Highlight Your Neighborhood

Prospective homeowners aren’t just buying a building. They are looking into the neighborhood, location, lifestyle, and local amenities. Showcase things that make your neighborhood unique and inviting. Create a packet to give to people viewing your house, with info about recreational activities, restaurants and commute times. Let them know about parks, lakes, and anything that is great about the area. Tight knit community? Fun block parties? Holiday events? People are looking for a great home in a wonderful atmosphere. Highlighting the area can be just as important as highlighting the home itself!

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