guide to selling property as-is in florida

Guide To Selling a House As-Is in Florida

Are you looking to sell a house as-is in Florida? Perhaps you prefer a simple and fast sale, or the house could use some work and you’d rather save time and money. You might be wondering what “as-is” really means, and whether you even can sell a house as-is in Florida. Learning what must be … Continued

The Top Florida Cash Home Buyers

The Top Florida Cash Home Buyers

Want a cash offer for your house in Florida? There are plenty of cash home buyers in Florida. You may have already have experienced “investors” promising a price only to back-out or beg for a lower price down the road. House Heroes believes in Performance As Promised. We are one of the top local real … Continued

how the foreclosure process works in florida

How The Foreclosure Process Works in Florida

Are you facing the possibility of foreclosure in Florida? Foreclosure can feel overwhelming. Owners need to deal with the foreclosure process, legal timelines, court hearings, and eviction if foreclosure isn’t stopped. People struggling with foreclosure have similar questions: How does the foreclosure process work in Florida? How long does foreclosure take in Florida? What does … Continued

how many missed payments before foreclosure in florida

How many missed payments before foreclosure in Florida?

Are you wondering how many mortgage payments you can miss before foreclosure in Florida? The number of missed payments before foreclosure in Florida varies depending on the policies of the lender and your personal financial situation. Some banks are lenient and work with you to avoid foreclosure even after a series of delinquent payments. They … Continued

when is it too late to stop foreclosure in florida

When is it too late to stop foreclosure in Florida?

When is it too late to stop foreclosure in Florida? Anyone with a looming foreclosure asks this question. Foreclosure is a tiresome and draining experience, and like most court cases, you are up against tight legal deadlines. Homeowners often are racing “at the last minute” to stop the bank from re-possessing their home. Foreclosure has … Continued

how to stop foreclosure in florida

How To Stop Foreclosure In Florida [Definitive Guide]

Are you wondering how to stop foreclosure in Florida? Everyday people end up in foreclosure, whether due to loss of a job, family assistance, medical needs, unanticipated expenses, or struggling to keep up with high mortgage payments. The threat of foreclosure can be overwhelming. Nobody wants to be forced out of their home and it … Continued

sell house during divorce florida

Selling a House During a Divorce in Florida

Are you faced with selling a house during divorce in Florida? With nearly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, many Florida residents are searching for advice about selling a house before, after, or during a divorce. Houses can be valuable assets. Unlike a bank accountant, the home can’t simply be divided in half. Since divorce … Continued

home warranty sell fast

Simplify a Florida Home with a Home Warranty

Considering selling a Florida home with a home warranty? If you’re about to put your Florida home on the market, you’ve got quite a few things on your to-do list. You need to find a realtor (unless you’re going the DIY “for sale by owner” route, of course). You should also spruce up the place … Continued

sell house with a tenant in florida

Selling a House With Tenants In Florida

Are you a landlord selling a house with tenants in Florida? Selling a rental property in Florida isn’t always easy. Depending your lease and the tenant’s willingness to cooperate, the sale can be incredibly frustrating. The good news is you can take control and simplify the process. You’ll want to make the transition as easy … Continued