5 Reasons You Should Sell Your House Online

Being a citizen in a modern world, we are familiar with how technology has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. The world wide web has caused the real estate industry to evolve. Could selling your house on the internet be simple as swiping right or left? If you want to sell your house online at your own pace, read on.

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Real Time DIY Property Research

Back in the day, people needed realtors to obtain info about their house. Thanks to the World Wide Web, and a help from sites like Zillow, Redfin, and Homesnap, obtaining information about local neighborhood comps, market trends, and reductions has never been easier.

Before you get to the point of reviewing any offers to purchase, you should be able to estimate your potential profit (or loss). This includes:

  • Debt obligations and fees to be paid at closing (do you have an existing mortgage?)
  • Home repairs prior to marketing, including painting and landscaping
  • Understanding current tax laws
The internet is a highway to finding housing info and buyers
The internet is a highway to finding housing info and buyers.

Free Resources Available at Your Fingertips

For info you may not know about your property, there are county appraisal websites for each county that will tell you everything including lot size, year built, and zoning details. Examples include:

County recorder’s play a key role in real estate transactions. This info includes inspection reports or the deed. This info is generated from previous transactions on the house. This is all freely available only to homeowners. Additionally, realtors and real estate investors are happy to provide free reports and market data – no need to pay for this.

Finding Buyers Is Fast and Easy!

Need to find a buyer quickly? Google the term Professional Cash Home Buyer to sell fast to an business with funding and experience to close on any house sale. Professional cash home buyers like make selling your home a breeze since they deal with cash, avoid lengthy processes (like multiple showings) and delays (you are counting on several people involved in one transaction) that mortgages often come with.

House Heroes (that’s us!) buys houses online! We buy as-is, any condition, with fast and fair cash offers. NO REALTOR COMMISSION – number one reason to sell online.

As of 2015, NAR recorded 88% of all buyers found their property using an online website. Thanks to sites with large quantities of exposure, you no longer need an agent to bring qualified buyers to the table.

You Are Not Allowed to Buy a House without an Agent

FALSE! If that were the case, this article would be extremely short. Like buying factory direct, you’re cutting out the middleman. You have potential to save up 6% of the sales price this way. What does the middle man do? He shakes the plant manager’s hand, jacks up the price, shakes your hand and gets paid for it.

Selling Your House Online Means No Realtor Commission
Sell a house online to skip realtor fees.

Is your real estate agent amazing? A great realtor can be worth paying the commission with a house in wonderful condition. An average realtor may simply not be worth it. Houses that need major repairs will be purchased by professional cash buyers equipped to put forth the funding and time to do repairs – why not sell directly to the invest and save the commission?

Taking Your Time and Controlling the Process

It’s kind of like you are your own boss — you control the entire process. Haven’t you  wondered what it’s like to be your own boss? You manage pricing, photos, and showings.

With no realtor, you don’t have to worry about pesky listing agreements with an expiration date to sell fast. You avoid realtor fees — hefty excessive commissions. This is also your chance to show off your photography skills, thanks to that course you took in college, or hiring a professional. It’s all up to you, you control the budget.

Whether you decide to sell directly to an owner occupant or a real estate investor like House Heroes, the bottom line is you hold the universal remote in your hand when you choose to sell your home online. The internet and home selling websites make an online sale a breeze!

We Buy Houses

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