5 Reasons to Sell Your House “For Sale By Owner” In Ft. Lauderdale

Considering selling your house in Ft. Lauderdale “For Sale By Owner” rather than the traditional real estate agent route? The internet changed the game. Check out these 5 reasons to FSBO.

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Reason #1: Easy To Do

Internet Has Made For Sale By Owner Easy
Internet makes For Sale By Owner easy.

Historically, the only way for a Ft. Lauderdale home sale was hiring a local real estate agent. Those days are long gone and not coming back. The world wide web shattered the paradigm. Everyone has simple and affordable online outlets to sell their house. Zillow currently has 69 FSBO listings in the city. You also have forsalebyowner.com, Trulia, owners.com. According to Google Trends, 100 users query “For Sale By Owner” every day. Buyers search for homes online, and sellers can get them online without realtors. Middle-men agents aren’t required for publicity (though certainly they can guide you through the process).


Reason #2: Save Real Estate Agent Commission

FSBO puts the 6% commission in your pocket.
Put commissions back in your pocket.

According to Upnest, Fort Lauderdale realtors average 5% commission on sale price. This amounts to substantial sums entering the realtor’s pocket instead of yours. Of course, a great realtor can make the process go more smoothly and sell for higher price. This is important if you don’t understand real estate transactions. Experienced home sellers with time and willingness to manage the process can save big time with FSBO.

Reason #3: Control the Showings

Showing your house can be awkward, frustrating, and time consuming. If you hire a realtor, part of their job is to show the property as much as possible to maximize exposure. Realtor.com reports 153 open houses scheduled in Fort Lauderdale over the next month. Realtors often make your property a revolving door. If your preference is to schedule showings when and how it works for you, hiring a realtor to manage it may not be worth the commission.

Reason #4: You Can Locate A Buyer Online

There is no shortage of cash home buyers in today’s real estate market. Just Google “sell my house fast for cash” and you will find real estate companies to buy your house no matter the condition, price range, or situation. House Heroes LLC (that’s us!) is a professional cash home buyer ready to buy any home fast for cash. Give us a call at (954) 676-1846 for a fair cash offer. Make sure whoever you are selling is a legitimate and trustworthy buyer. You can also do “flat flee listing” to get on the MLS for a few hundred dollars to increase exposure.

Reason #5: Pricing Information Is Available To All

You don’t need a real estate agent to learn the value of your Ft. Lauderdale house.  Check out local comps on sites liked Redfin, Zillow, and Trulia. Even if you’d like a professional estimate, real estate agents will give you a Comparative Market Analysis as a courtesy and House Heroes will give you a custom free home report. No need to pay 6% for this information.

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