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Avoid The Dangers Of A Vacant House In Port St. Lucie By Selling

Have you ever seen an old, derelict and haunted house on the big screen? With creaky doors, broken windows, cobwebs and all manner of dust settling within its walls. Do you own a vacant property like this yourself; perhaps it’s a home passed down to you or one that failed to be leased out. Or possibly it is the place left behind when life gave way for something better?

This post will delve into the dangers of allowing a home to become an irretrievable asset through neglect.

The worst possible outcome? A haunted house!

Did you know that one out of every sixty-five residential properties in the United States is vacant? Neglect and disrepair are common issues when these formerly vibrant homes have been abandoned. Homeowners might choose this strategy if they do not want to lose the house, or they plan on making improvements but simply haven’t gotten around to doing so yet; in both cases, it may be too costly to economically address all of the damage.

Don’t be fooled by the ease of getting caught up in your daily life and neglecting to take care of property repairs or management. This inaction may seem harmless, but it could end up costing you extra money in the long run. Put simply – don’t wait!

Failing to use your empty property as a valuable asset is comparable to leaving your retirement funds out in the open for anyone to snatch.

If your property is not occupied, be aware of the following warning signs. Failure to take prompt action could lead to debt, loss of property, or in extreme cases even incarceration.

Likely Problems Caused By Vacant Houses

If your house is empty for more than just a few months, it can be at risk of developing common issues. Despite what you may assume, not having any inhabitants doesn’t mean nothing can go wrong. To protect your vacant home against potential problems, remain vigilant and watch out for warning signs.

Vacant home in Port St. Lucie FL
House Heroes Buys Vacant Houses in Port St. Lucie, FL


An uninhabited house is like the California of yesteryear, a fountain of opportunity for criminals. Making your home look occupied, however, can potentially discourage robbers from targeting it. Nevertheless, once news that your residence has been left unattended gets out there; it’s only a matter of time before wrongdoers come knocking on its doors.

Burglars frequently target copper wiring and other costly home materials, such as the HVAC system or kitchen appliances. The loss of these items is already expensive but unfortunately thieves don’t stop there; they also tear down walls to reach their targets, leading to a disastrous situation requiring extensive restoration work. Even if nothing is stolen, unruly people can still enter your home and cause chaos; such as messing up furniture or breaking things just for fun. If they notice nobody respects the property, it will only make them more reckless.

Someone Could Start Living There

Although Port St. Lucie is regarded as a very safe place to live, the city is experiencing a homelessness crisis. This poses a problem for the nearly 150 abandoned or vacant properties in the city.

If you don’t take the proper precautions, squatters could potentially move into your abandoned house and stay there indefinitely. This not only threatens to cause serious damage to your home but also lowers its condition with their lack of care for the property. Don’t let this happen! Protect yourself today!

Squatters’ resistance to vacate can make evicting them a laborious process. What’s worse is that they could become entitled to your home if they have been living there long enough – now that’s really disheartening! Nevertheless, with the right approach it may still be possible for you regain possession of your property without breaking any laws.

The House May Get Damaged Costing Thousands of Dollars In Repairs

Ensuring that your home remains in a livable condition requires regular maintenance and care. If you neglect this essential task, the damage to your home will quickly accumulate and become increasingly costly to repair.

This consists of:

Water is a major financial source of damage, with the potential to cause expensive wreckage in your home. From broken pipes and water heaters to ruined roofs or gutter systems, any amount of water entry can lead to extensive structural and interior damage.

When heating systems are not properly maintained, it can lead to disastrous fires. However, vacant properties run an even greater risk for arson or squatter-instigated blazes due to their vulnerability.

Unoccupied homes are attractive to animals, and if not carefully monitored can become sites of serious destruction. Something as simple as an open window or door could lead to severe damages; this is particularly true for wooden houses in Eastern FL which require regular termite treatment. Therefore, it’s essential that homeowners take the necessary precautions before leaving their property vacant!


Although you may not be living on site or actively overseeing your property, it is still essential that you take responsibility for what transpires.

In the event of an injury that occurs on your property, you could be legally responsible for any related damages. Additionally, if a fire or explosion is caused by hazardous conditions stemming from one of your buildings or homes, then it’s highly probable that liability will fall upon you as well.

Property Expenses

Government fees are still applicable, even if your property is unoccupied. The expenditure for the asset will remain consistent with any other you own. This consists of:

Taxes: You will be liable for property taxes even if your home is unoccupied.

Fines: City codes are imperative and if your vacant home does not meet them, you could be facing penalties in the form of fines.

Regardless of your home’s condition, the bank will still demand the same mortgage payment. So even if you choose to let your house fall into disrepair, there won’t be any financial relief for you on that front.

Neglecting to pay bills promptly and in their entirety may lead to accumulating fines, even imprisonment. Worse yet, it could also result in the loss of property which will be transferred either to a bank or government agency.

How To Make Money Quickly On A Vacant House in Port St. Lucie

Apart from the previously noted issues, a vacant home is not only an unprofitable investment but also a waste of potential profits. You may think that your empty house has no value and cannot be sold, however in reality you can turn it into cash fairly quickly!

You may not be able to finance the costly repairs needed to make your home livable or profitable, however, selling it off to a reliable real estate investor could provide you with an injection of cash and the potential for large profits.

House Heroes can assist you in generating quick cash through your vacant property located in and around Port St. Lucie! From houses requiring drastic repair to those needing intensive cleaning, we are more than eager and willing to help. If you have an empty home that you’d like to turn into cash, you can learn more about how we work by clicking here.

Don’t pay fees, closing costs, or commissions! Our team can provide an offer on your property swiftly, usually within 24 hours, and if accepted we will close in a mere week. Reach out to one of our friendly professionals today for more information; you won’t regret it. You can read some of our reviews at this link to learn more about our reputation for professionalism and fairness.We hope to hear from you soon. Call us today at (954) 676-1846 or reach out to us via our cash offer form!

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