Do I Need A Realtor To Sell My House In Florida?

What does it take to sell your Florida house for a great price, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of stress to you? Well, when you need a loan, you speak with a banker. When you need a roof repair, you call a contractor.

Who do you call when your house need to sell a house that needs “big time” repairs fast? Who do you call when your house is in wonderful condition for top dollar?

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Needs Major Repairs? Professional Cash Home Buyer

A real estate license is necessary to list a house on the open market. This typically runs home sellers about 6% commission on the sale price. If you want to wait a while for top dollar, and have a house suitable for an owner occupant, listing with a realtor is an excellent choice.

old run down home
Ugly houses are best sold to a cash buyer

Unfortunately, many houses are in poor condition and need to be sold fast. Some homeowners would rather not shell out 6% commission. If you’d rather move fast quick and save on fees, you can sell a Florida house fast for cash to an  investor without paying 6%. House Heroes LLC guarantees fair cash offers no matter the condition – give us a call (954) 676-1846.

If you are paying the 6% commission, hire an exceptional realtor. Many realtors use the “post and pray” method: list on the MLS, do no marketing, and hope high offers come in. Anyone can do that.  To earn thousands in commissions, a realtor should market the property aggressively online and on the MLS and keeps you in the loop every step of the way. Here are some tips on finding the right one!

Great Condition & Wait For Top Dollar? Realtor

Got a house in wonderful condition – suitable for an owner occupant rather than investor? Willing to wait for top dollar? A trustworthy realtor is the way to go! You can work with South Florida realtor Ms. Daniela Canabal. House Heroes users her for our fix-and-flips!

A real estate agent is there to hold your hand through the process of selling your home, although selling a home is not anywhere near as simple as shipping an important document overnight for an extra twenty dollars in shipping costs. An experienced real estate professional will able to dial in on what it really takes, and personalize. In this perspective, there are three things that must happen. An agent can guide you through the entire process.

 Call it the 3 P’s: Presentation, Promotion, & Price.

Presentation: This is how your home looks. Your home is your home, but to everyone else, to the marketplace – it’s a product for sale. It is no different than selling a car in Autotrader; your car is now a product for sale. So, what is the first thing you do when you sell a car? You clean it out, and you go get it detailed. You go through these steps before you take the photos; before you put it on Autotrader; before you put it on Craigslist; before any marketing takes place. Why do you do that? Because it shows better, and when it shows better, you are going to get a higher dollar offer.  The same principles apply with your home. This is how your home is going to show to your buyers in person. This is how your buyers are going to view your home online.

Got a house in excellent condition and want top dollar? Choose a realtor!
House in excellent condition and want top dollar? Choose a realtor!

Your home will be judged on everything from curb appeal, to decluttering, to the smell in the air. An agent will come up with a guide that helps you put a little bit of swag throughout your home. Most agents will very rarely recommend that you dump any money into your house. It’s not about putting money into your home, it’s about doing some deep cleaning and decluttering – tweaking a few things that you already have that can net you thousands and thousands more profit for your home. Professional real estate agents are going to work with you extensively to make sure your home shows at its best, before they send in their marketers and photographers.

Promotion. Once your home is ready to start marketing – the most critical element (once your home is prepped) is photography. When you browse homes on the internet, what do you see? Photos  that were taken from a cell phone. Most are cruddy, low quality photos – some of them are sideways, and some listings don’t have enough photos. According to NAR homes with 25+ professional photos sell in a much quicker time frame and for a much higher dollar amount.

An agent’s job is to market your home and create contracts. Most of them have no business snapping photos of your home. A good, experienced agent is going to bring in the professionals that have the right equipment, and the expertise. If you’ve ever flipped through luxury home magazines and you see pro photos – the colors pop – quality is out of this world. Statistics show that 95% of  buyers start and find their homes online – elimination. You don’t want to be in that pile. Your home needs to be different, not altered, but different. Professional photographers can enhance them to make sure every element pops.

Price. This is where a professional recommendation can be even more useful. If you market your property too high, it could potentially sit on the market for months, leaving buyers to knit pick every possible little thing that could be “wrong” with your property and why it has not yet sold. If you lower the price after, you’re going to get a pool of bottom feeder buyers and investors who are not going to give you top dollar for your home. Presenting your home at the right price will save you time, money and frustration. An agent will work with you one on one to set the best price to attract the most buyers.

What happens at the curb today is very important. Most buyers don’t want to call the sales guy. They want the information at their fingertips – without the sales guy. Buyers want 24/7 access at their fingertips. This enables the buyers to get exactly what they want; they can receive all the information via text, view photos, and calculate payments, all without talking or being pressured by the sales guy – right from the driveway, right to their smartphone. Over 95% of buyers find their homes online. Why? Because they can be in their PJS sipping coffee, finding homes online. What you need, is a huge internet presence.

Think of these very important 3 Ps as if you are baking a cake: If one of these important marketing tools is missed, if you were to leave out the eggs– your cake doesn’t turn out right. For example, you stage your house, get it prepped, and promote the hell out of it, but you miss the boat on price – if you are way out priced on the market – these things are irrelevant. No one is going to come view your home and vise versa. An agent can market your home all over the internet — on the MLS, through their endless pools of leads; provide all of the glamorous photos and tell you how to make your home smell better than any other home on the block –  but if the product doesn’t show well, it’s not going to be effective and you are not going to get you a top dollar offer. All 3 of these things are an absolutely critical part of the recipe to sell your home at the highest possible price in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of stress to you, and an agent is the best, most knowledgeable resource available to you.

We Buy Houses

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