Do I Need a Realtor To Sell My House In Miramar?

Searching for a realtor to represent you when you are attempting to sell a Miramar house takes time and effort. There are thousands of realtors in even small towns, all eager to get their commission from your property and their time spent selling it. Do you need to pay 6% commission – or is for sale by owner better? If you want a realtor, how do you find the best fit for your property?

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Do You Need a Realtor?

A real estate license is necessary to list a house on the open market. This typically runs home sellers about 6% commission on the sale price. If you want to wait a while for top dollar, and have a house suitable for an owner occupant, listing with a realtor is an excellent choice.

Unfortunately, many houses are in poor condition and need to be sold fast. Some homeowners would rather not shell out 6% commission. If you’d rather move fast quick and save on fees, you can sell my Miramar house to a real estate investor without paying 6% commission.

If you are paying the 6% commission, make sure you hire an exceptional realtor. Many realtors use the “post and pray” method: list on the MLS, do no marketing, and hope high offers come in. Anyone can do that.  To earn thousands in commissions, a realtor should market the property aggressively online and on the MLS and keeps you in the loop every step of the way. Here are some tips on finding the right one!

Commercial, Residential or Rural?

Consider the property you’re selling. It’s easier to sell a residential house with a realtor who concentrates on that sort of property than to ask them to sell your 30,000 square foot industrial warehouse. Talk to your perspective realtor about experience in your property’s field.

Residential? Commercial? Rural? Pick the right realtor.
Residential? Commercial? Rural? Pick the right realtor.

For instance, if you are selling a cattle ranch prospective buyers will want to know about the fencing, the flooding of the land, the water sources, the type of plants available for their livestock to eat, and any number of other things. When a realtor does not know these things or simply repeats what you’ve told them without knowing what they’re saying, it does not inspire confidence in your buyer. Stick to realtors who know their sector and perform highly in it.

Real Estate Agent Reviews

With everything at our fingertips, the internet is full of reviews- especially about your prospective realtor. Sites like Yelp and Facebook can tell you if your realtor has any unhappy customers on either side of the deal. Other sites, like Zillow or Trulia, can tell you if your realtor has several properties that have not sold for a very long length of time. This could mean that these properties are just in hard areas to sell, or they could mean that the realtor doesn’t apply themselves to their work.

Check realtor reviews to make sure 6% commission doesn't go to waste.
Check realtor reviews to make sure 6% commission doesn’t go to waste.

Some realtors may not have reviews because they are new. Do not let this dissuade you from using them if you get along well with them and they keep their appointments. Everyone starts somewhere and their mentor will likely help them along with learning the ropes. Ask whom their mentor is and research the mentor instead.


If you feel strange when dealing with your realtor, listen to your instincts and find another realtor to represent your property. If your realtor is hard to get in touch with, how will your prospective buyers manage to do it? And if your realtor keeps missing appointment after appointment for showings or for initial look arounds, look elsewhere.

The worst thing you can do is fall hard for a realtor who simply does not care for your property. Let’s be honest: some don’t. Being a realtor is like any job and you will find some very devout realtors, as well as some who are only there to collect a check. Though every realtor may not be able to put your property first, find one who wants to make that level of commitment.

It is the realtor who makes your property a priority that will be the one who sells it. Though it may take some time to screen through realtors who are unwilling to do that, find one who will. You’ll be in the office signing off on your sales paperwork before you know it.

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