Easy DIY Projects To Sell Your House For More

You may feel like you’re ready to sell your house right now.

Or, you may miss out on your ‘dream home’ because you took too long to sell your current property. However, speeding through the selling process has some risks. Potential buyers will be well aware of the fact that you ignored essential home renovations.

The following improvements will help you increase your home value and help you to sell more quickly. Most of them are simple fixes, too!

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Pay Attention to Your Yard

By boosting the attractiveness of your yard, you can add up to 303% ROI in the year before you sell. Something as simple as using your electric lawn mower to take care of the lawn will show that you care about the finer details.

Want to increase your house values? A bit of yardwork goes a long way. Get your kids to help!

Houses are judged by their appearance. An updated and well maintained yard will entice potential buyers to see the rest of the property. Small, inexpensive fixes like trimming hedges and replacing your welcome mat can have a big impact on your overall home value, too.

If you happen to live near a busy street or in a crowded area, it’s neither difficult nor expensive to create a feel of privacy. Installing hedges around your property or a fountain to mask noisy neighbors can create an instant sense of peace and relaxation.

If you decide to install a fence, you also have many options. You can go with the traditional white picket fence, a stone wall topped with a more standard fence design, or even lattice panels. The latter is a great option as it allows you to intertwine the fencing with plants and designs. Any of these designs can help add interest to your property as well as helping to make potential buyers feel at home.

Update Your Space

When selling your home, it’s important to keep current trends in mind. Keeping elements that have gone out of style will cause your space to look dated. Things like light fixtures should be looked at, as they can become unfashionable quickly. Ask your realtor or another professional to give them a look before placing your home on the market.

Carpeting can also make an otherwise open room feel dark, cramped, and old. These heavy accents are seriously out of style and can make a potential buyer weary. It can be expensive to remove wall-to-wall carpeting, but it’s not an overly difficult task for an eager DIYer.

Carpeting is out of style. Add wood floors to increase your sale value.

An oscillating multi-tool can make the job even easier. An oscillating tool uses a rapid side-to-side movement to complete the task at hand, whether that’s sawing, sanding, or scraping. Most cost anywhere from $75 up to $500, but you can find some of the best oscillating multi-tools somewhere in between this range, too. When using it for home flooring projects, be careful not to cut too deep into the floor, as you can potentially damage the beautiful hardwood or tile underneath. While you may have to do a bit of spiffing up, the end product is more than worth your time.

You could also use a sharp-blade floor scraper, which makes tearing out staples in the flooring under carpet much easier. A floor scraper is a lightweight tool with a short handle and usually a 4-inch straight razor blade that can be used for removing paint, scraping off adhesive, and – of course– clearing out staples from flooring. This tool often costs just around or under $10, making it an affordable addition to your DIY toolkit.

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Spruce Up the Walls

Just like your flooring and fixtures will need some TLC, chances are that your walls will, too. A good tip to remember is that home buyers prefer to see light or inoffensive colors on the walls. Not only does it make it easier for them to imagine putting their unique touch on the home, but it also serves to make the space look larger and cleaner.

But, if you have a nostalgic connection to your bright blue hallway or simply don’t have room in the budget to repaint, giving your walls a quick clean will help. Minor spots of dirt or wear tend to go unnoticed by homeowners, but washing them will ensure that potential buyers don’t find anything untowards.

Check Your Ceilings

While you’re at it, take a look at your ceiling. If it’s just as dirty as your walls, give it a good wash and maybe a fresh coat of paint, too.

If you happen to have the dreaded popcorn ceilings, it’s time to give your home a much needed update by removing them. The texture attracts things like dust and cobwebs, making your space look old and dirty. These ceilings also turn many buyers off and can take away from the overall attractiveness of your home.
Before getting started, try your hand at removing a small corner. Attempt it dry first, and if it’s too difficult, dampen it and try again. It’s likely that wetting your popcorn ceiling will make removal much easier. After verifying that your ceiling doesn’t contain asbestos, you can get started. Covering the room with plastic drop cloths will make the whole process go smoothly. Prep the space by removing all ceiling fixtures and covering ‘can’ lights to keep water out of them. If you’ve found that a wet ceiling is easier to scrape, spray small sections lightly and let the water soak in for about 15 minutes to soften the texture.

Next, gently run a rounded off scraper along the ceiling to remove the pattern. Filing the sharp edges of your scraper will help avoid creating deep gouges and divots that are tough to fill in.

Once you’re finished removing the last of the ‘popcorn’, go ahead and sand your ceiling to make sure it’s smooth with no dings in it. After this, you can go ahead and paint it whatever color you’d like. An updated ceiling will keep buyers interested and make your home look much more modern and welcoming.

Maintain Basic Upkeep

Broken wood cabinets
Broken cabinets will make buyers wonder what else is broken!

Regardless of whether you live in an old home, making sure that all doors and windows open is important. While it may see trivial, ignoring the issue will cause these potential buyers to wonder what else has been allowed to fall into disrepair around the home.

In the same vein, make sure that things like cabinets and drawers are functional. Loose hardware or units will put buyers off while they’re reviewing your space. It’s also good to prepare for hands-on viewings, so organize your clutter to avoid potential embarrassment.

When you pay attention to the small details that may escape your attention during daily life, you can keep potential buyers excited about your property. From making sure your home avoids feeling outdated to keeping your space clean and inviting, these easy fixes will ensure that you get the best ROI possible.

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