Three Golden Rules When Selling Your House Fast

The Three Golden Rules To Sell Your House Fast

Want to sell your house fast in Hialeah, Miami, or Homestead? Miami-Dade County currently has 9,382 single-family houses up for sale. Even with so much competition, selling a home in 14-days or less is possible. How you ask? There are “Three Golden Rules”: set the right price, get cash offers, and sell “as-is”. Follow these rules and win the fast home sale game.

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Reduce Price To Maximize Home Sale Speed
Lower prices drive faster sales.

Rule #1: Set The Right Price

You’ve taken initial steps to value your house, obtained a CMA from a realtor, and our free home report. You have a sense of value – now reduce price by 20% for a fast sale! According to Zillow’s March 2017 research, average Age of Inventory in the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale region is 86-days and homes sit on the Florida market on average 106-days. When weighing local sales, remember those houses sold on average in 3 to 4 months. Do you think you can sell in 14-days for the same amount? Of course not. Selling faster means accepting a lower price. Fast off-market home sales (not subject to 6% realtor commission) are a service typically provided by investors like House Heroes LLC – we guarantee cash offers in 24-hours and fast closing. Investing by definition implies profitability so no investor can pay more than a house is worth.

Pricing too high will also substantially delay your sale even listing on the MLS. The first week of a MLS home sale is critical: the old saying “you only get one chance at a first impression” rings true. Agents and home buyers look at new listings as they arrive. In today’s world, buyer audience receives minute-by-minute auto-updates via email and text message on the latest listing. Price high and your property will be forgotten in the data flood. The attention never returns, and buyers view the house as “damaged goods” since it could not sell. The better approach: list below market value, create bidding war, call for “highest best”, and profit fast!

Rule #2: Get Cash Offers

Cash Offers Sell Fast
Cash requires no approval. Mortgages take 40+ days.

Financing for a home purchase comes in two general forms: cash or mortgage. Mortgage financing can move at a glacial pace. According to Ellie Mae’s March 2017 Origination Report, time from loan application to funding is 43-days for conventional mortgages, 44-days for FHA mortgages, and 46-days for VA mortgages. Not only does mortgage approval take 6+ weeks, but worse sometimes the mortgage doesn’t get approved. Consider this scenario: on the eve of closing, 40+ days into the sale, the bank declines the mortgage and the sale is canceled. This is not rare: banks can refuse to underwrite a mortgage, even with pre-approval, due to employment change, Credit Score, or low appraisal.

Cash offers relieve the burden. Forget 40+ days for banking approval – cash offers do not require any institutional approval. No strings attached. Get a cash offer now by giving us a call (954) 676-1846 or filling out our easy form. You can work with a realtor to list your home on the MLS and request cash offers only. Another cash advantage is distressed homes in poor condition do not qualify for conventional financing.

Sell As-Is
Put down your hammer! Renovations can take months.

Rule #3: Sell “As-Is”

Google “how to sell my house fast” and you will find articles like “How To Sell Your House Fast: 9 Simple Ways” by Trulia that copy and paste the same things that allegedly help you sell fast: staging your home, depersonalize, upgrades, increase curb appeal, etc. Those are all things you should do for a regular sale to maximize sale value and they can take weeks if not months to properly do home renovations. Put the hammer down. If your goal is to sell in 14-days or less, the best way is to sell “as-is”, i.e., seller makes no repairs. “As-is” particularly makes sense when selling to a cash investor who cares very little about “curb appeal”/home staging  and is looking at the raw house value data.  See our Slide Show for this blog!

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