Repairs To Make Before Selling Your Tamarac Home

In today’s real estate market, cost effective and fashionable upgrades can make or break your sale. But how do you follow such an overwhelming list of trends? Do you have the time/money to handle major renovations? Here’s some tips on whether to sell “as is” or home repairs you can do on a thin budget in to help get your house sold. From silvery walls to installing trim, we’ve compiled a current list of the hottest looks on the market today

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Renovate or Sell As-Is?

To maximize your profit, ask the question whether you should renovate. Large renovations can cost tends of thousands of dollars, take months. Mismanagement can result in a huge loss. You need to oversee contractors, put together a scope of work, and repairs are slow if you are living in the property (by the time you finish repairs, the earlier renovations look used).

You can save money selling Tamarac property “as is” to a professional cash home buyer that specializes in buying houses fast for cash, repairing and upgrading, and then flipping it. House Heroes (that’s us!) is experienced in renovating property quickly and cheaply. Give us a call at (954) 676-1846 for a fast and fair cash offer. We buy any property not matter the condition Check out the repairs we did in this videos:


NW 41 Street, Miami - We Buy Any House As-Is


If you want to do the repairs on your own, here are some tips for bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, and kitchen!


Large, airy bedrooms full of pale blues, shimmering silvers and drop-o-tint whites are all the rage. Trimming along the ceilings and the floors is old fashioned and outdated, but a thin line of trim around the center of the walls is totally vogue. So how do you go about accomplishing this?  A few cans of paint will do it. If you already have centered trim, fantastic. Paint it white or a complimentary hue to the silver or blue you pick for the walls. If you don’t installing it is as simple as measuring, cutting and tapping it on.

If you are opposed to blues and pale silvers, lilacs and very, very light lemony yellows are the next ones down on our list. Pastels are your purpose in your bedroom. People want them to be full of light and “breathy”. In addition to your paints, put some emphasis on your windows. Outline them in trim and paint them a stark white or bright silver to really bring attention to them.


Though huge, sprawling bathrooms were popular just a few years ago, those finding themselves with intimate settings will hear more compliments at the moment. We lose the pastels in our bathroom area and tend to find popularity in neutrals and earth tones when we look at recent trends. Beige, sandalwood, buff and antique white are all very popular bathroom colors right now, usually paired with maroons and forest greens.

Want to sell your bathroom? Replace old plastic handles with gold or silver handles for a new facade on an old sink. Take down medicine cabinets and replace them with simple mirrors. Hang a few dollar store landscape art on the walls, framed by wood or wrought iron. Draw your buyers in with dark or fabric shower curtains.

Painting is a good start with any room, but choose your colors carefully. Bathrooms are some of the smallest rooms in the house and will be overpowered by colors that are too bold, too dark, or even too pale. If opposed to earth tones, pink and gray bathrooms are very popular in some areas. Ask your  realtor if yours is one of them.

Living Room

Don't flush your cash. Sell "as is" or make the right repairs.
Don’t flush your cash. Sell “as is” or make the right repairs.

Maximize space in your living room for potential buyers. Do your best to arrange furniture so it looks as if they have plenty of space to move their own in right beside yours. If you find yourself with too much in your living room, take some of it out during showings. Store it in your shed if you need to. Overstuffed or cluttered living rooms kill household sales very, very quickly. You need not own fancy furniture or run out and buy it. Simply use cheerful throw quilts or covers on exhausted, favorite sofas. Throw pillows and clean cushions help encourage buyers to sit down and settle in to talk to their realtor about your property.

Give everything a wipe-down with a white rag before your living room’s showing begins. Clean properties sell easier than dusty ones. Though it is common sense, cleanliness is one of the most overlooked problems in home showings. Make those shelves squeak!

Color is up to you. Living spaces of money green are very common in, for instance, Georgia. However, across the country in Washington state, you find whites and yellows to be in the overwhelming majority. If you arrange your space correctly, few buyers will care if they need to paint the living room walls because they are generally the easiest room in the house to paint.


While appliance updates are nice, contrary to popular belief, they will not sell your property. What they will do is make your kitchen look newer than it actually is. However, you would do better to price reasonable appliances for your kitchen and offer that amount as a credit incentive to your new buyers. A $3,000.00 incentive allows you to replace the kitchen appliances with appliances your buyers want, and it doesn’t actually cost you anything until the sale is made.

For kitchen colors, look for fuzzy duckling yellows, savory oranges and deep merlot reds.

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