Sell My House Owner Financing In Florida

Do you have a house that you want to sell? The traditional way is to do it through agents. Listing will help you attract some buyers. However, if you find yourself asking the question, “how do I sell my house with owner financing in Florida” then keep reading below to see how this strategy can greatly expand your pool of potential buyers! 

Introduction to “Sell My House Owner Financing In Florida”

sell house owner financing
You can get a down payment and monthly payments.

When a home is sold in the traditional way, that is, through an agent, the buyers are usually regular buyers who are trying to obtain a mortgage to purchase a house they’re going to live in. These kinds of buyers are present in a lot of markets but very scarce in others. So, what real estate agents do is work with these “pre-qualified” buyers capable of getting a mortgage through a bank. 

However, this method of selling has some problems. For instance, sometimes, after getting a buyer, you have to wait till financing is secured. This process can take 30-45 days, and if the financing falls through, you will have wasted all that time and be forced to return to searching for another buyer.

To increase the chances of selling your house and expand the number of possible buyers who will be vying for it, a strategy you can use is to “sell your house with owner financing.” Sometimes this is also referred to as “selling your house with seller financing.”

Owner financing occurs when a buyer buys directly through you instead of through the bank. In short, you’re the bank! And like a bank, you can first get an upfront down payment before the monthly payments begin. House Heroes also buys owner financed homes, call us at (954) 676-1846 or send us a message to find out how much we can pay.

Benefits of selling with owner financing

sell house seller financing
You as the lender get cash flow and protection.
  • It increases the number of potential buyers since those who might not be able to obtain bank financing can still purchase the home.
  • Since the buyers will be making the regular mortgage payments they would ordinarily make to the bank to you, it gives you some cash flow.
  • Similar to when the bank lends money on a home, you as the lender are protected.
  • And you don’t need to do a lot of property management like a rental because that responsibility belongs to the buyer. 

What’s next…

Are you still wondering, “how do I sell my house with seller financing in Florida”? You can then start by deciding how much you’d like the buyer to pay for the house every month.

Remember, even though this blog post talks about how you can sell your house with owner financing, there are numerous ways to sell your house. The truth is, owner financing isn’t for everyone. However, if you want to gain more buyers with competitive price ranges, plenty of protection, and cash flow, then this method might just be the right one for you. 

And there’s an even faster way to sell your house with owner financing in Florida – you can do it with us! Sometimes, we help sellers like you work out their owner financing. All you need to do is click this link and fill out the form. You can also call us today at (954) 676-1846.


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