Sell My House Without an Agent In Fort Lauderdale

Selling Your House Without An Agent

Considering “the best way to sell my house without an agent” in Fort Lauderdale? Using a realtor, and the accompanying 6% realtor fee, isn’t always the best choice. It’s a great option for homeowners with houses in great condition. If you’re property needs work – or you need to sell fast – alternative solutions may help achieve your goals. 

Selling your house to a real estate investor like House Heroes LLC has multiple benefits verses the traditional route of listing on the local MLS with a real estate agent.

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Advantages of Selling to a Cash Home Buyer

Investors such as House Heroes buy properties fast for cash – unlike realtors – they don’t charge fees or costs to get your house sold.  You can sell my Ft. Lauderdale home to professional cash home buyers that will buy the property in any condition, put in the money and time to fix it up, and then either sell down the road or rent it. Investors study the local market, determine the price the property will sell for on the MLS, and may in fact – due to the hard work, skill, and experience – pay more money than someone who will not be putting in the time, effort, to study the market and flip the property. Working with a real estate investor allows you to bargain directly, without paying 6% to a realtor for that.

Find a Legitimate and Trustworthy Real Estate Investor

Professional cash home buyers frequently are the best option when selling your home in Miami because dependable investors have cash in the bank to buy fast. Call us at (954) 676-1846 fill our the form below. We will show our proof of funds displaying hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash reserves.  House Heroes is A-Rated with the Better Business Bureau with testimonial after testimonial of satisfied home sellers.  Listing on the MLS, you enter the realm of conventional mortgage financing. This runs the risk of buyers backing out if they can’t get approved, or simply dealing with a person that is not experienced in purchasing property. Investors buy fast, cash – “as is” – which saves the home seller time, stress, and money.

What’s the best option? Investor v. Realtor

With House Heroes, we aim to educate home sellers about the best option to meet their home seller goals. Check out our blog laying out the reasons to choose an investor or real estate agent. We understand cash offers aren’t for everyone – and will openly let you know if listing on the MLS is the best option.  Investor home buying motivation is quire different than a real estate agent. They will decide quickly if they want to purchase your home or not in Florida and are familiar with fair market values.

Consider All Your Options

Be patient while searching for an investor until you find one with a rock solid reputation. Feel free use our Cash Home Buyer Questionnaire to help weed our investors that may waste your time, energy, and ultimately – money. Ensure the investor has satisfied home seller testimonials, social media presence, and that they are honest and fair. It is critical to ensure that the investor has history of successful fast cash home sales.  Without a doubt, the number one reason to sell to a professional cash home buyer is to get cash ASAP so you can have it on hand for all of life’s needs.

Find a Local Investor

Ready to sell your house and don’t want to use a real estate agent? If need a fast and fair cash offer, give us a call (954) 676-1846! Let’s discuss your options to sell your house in Miami. House Heroes is not a “middle man”, we will not charge any fees or commission, and are ready to make buy your house in days and put cash in your pocket.

We Buy Houses

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