Sell Your House With Flooring Problems

Everyone hopes to sell their home soon after listing it and get the price they’re looking for.

Things aren’t always that easy.

Many home sellers don’t mind repairing everything that’s broken or old to get a much higher price for their home because. Before doing so, be aware that some things are worth repairing, while some are better left to the new homeowners.

Flooring be considered as a fix as soon as possible. Although potentially an expensive investment, it will help sell faster. You can sell the house for substantially.

Just make sure to avoid making some of the most common mistakes.

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Assess the damage

The size of this investment depends on the extent of floor damage.

Find out what needs to be fixed in order to avoid additional repairs down the road. If you want just to correct the problem costs may be minimal and increase to add some style into the mix.

First, contact professionals to make the assessment and inspect the condition of the flooring. Experts whose job is to make an assessment of the damage usually charge at most several hundred (in many cases free) for a full examination of your flooring situation.

Ask them for advice and let them know your budget in order to create a financial plan for the project. Considering repairing  only certain parts of the floor as this will be much cheaper than replacing the whole thing, but be prepared for this possibility as well.

Typical causes of floor damage

  • Although it sounds strange, a big gap between parts of wooden floors or tiles can cause floor cracks. Two pieces that are close to each other prevent any sort of movement can results in a solid structure that won’t break.

    causes of floor damage
    Delayed maintenance and heavy flooring traffic can cause floor damage.
  • Many people don’t think about adding the finishing touches on the flooring and don’t do anything about it for years. This is crucial for wooden floors and a simple touch of lacquer less expensive than installing new flooring.
  • Walking through a house is a main reason why it deteriorates over time.  Deal with potential small damages on time to avoid bigger problems. Consider leaving shoes on the front porch.
  • Furniture directly on the floor and moving it around will surely damage your flooring. Try to be careful when moving furniture or add a rug.
  • People utilize products because they think these will prevent wood or tiles from ending up damaged, but the results can sometimes be quite the opposite. Too many chemicals can take off the protective layer and leave your flooring exposed.

Tips to style the flooring

If your floors aren’t that great and you don’t want to start the renovation project just yet, you can add some style into the mix and use it to your advantage.

Try some stylish round rugs to lift up the look of your floors and create an instant change. This can be a great way to help the potential buyers visualize their fully furnished home. Apart from that, use lamps to play with the shade and shift the focus onto parts that are in good condition. Don’t use big furniture to cover up the damage – at one point, the new homeowners are going to notice the condition of the flooring.

The cost of fixing the damage

how expensive is reparing flooring
Flooring can be expensive. It’s advisable to consider repairs rather than replacement.

Fixing the flooring can be expensive, which is why opting for a cheaper solution – bamboo flooring, laminate or tiles – is always good. This is something that suits both the sellers and buyers, so look into different options before you invest a ton of money.

On the one hand, the sellers can lower the price and fix the flooring on their own. If you have a hardwood floor, you’re going to need about seven thousand dollars to do it properly, so lowering the price is a great offer. This major investment will be added to the listing details and will allow the buyers to use their new home right away without having to make any changes. If you opt for a laminate floor, however, you’re going to spend about three thousand dollars, and get a similar result that every buyer is going to appreciate.

Is this investment worth the trouble or not?

Repairing the flooring is always a huge plus when you want to sell your house. Some buyers prefer a place without any outstanding projects. The flooring is the first thing they usually check because this project can be long and prevent them from moving into the house right away. Be consistent with the condition of the flooring in every room of your home and make sure every inch of your living space is in perfect condition.

Prices per square footage:

  • Hardwood floors – $5 to 15$ for the flooring and additional $2 to $8 for installation
  • Laminate flooring – around $1 to $6 for materials and $1 to $2 for the installation costs
  • Linoleum – around $3 for the materials and $5 to $7 for the installation
  • Stone tiles – $7 to$20 for the tiles and $6 to $8 for the installation
  • Ceramic tiles – $5 to $15  for the tiles and additional $6 to $8 for the installation

Should You DIY The Floor?

Installing wood flooring can be difficult. Prospective buyers don’t want to see errors that make it look like an amatuer did the flooring. There are plenty of ways it can go wrong. DIY is not recommended.

From making the base perfectly even to install the flooring by the highest standards, it’s better to leave this to professionals. It will be time consuming and you’ll be able to place back to where it was before the project.

On the other hand laminate flooring is easy to install on your own and you could easily do this on your own. These types of flooring are cheap and easy to work with so if you don’t want to spend too much money, they’re the right option for you. keep in mind that you need to use additional materials below the flooring and you don’t want to skip any step in the process.

Set aside some time and put together a good plan to address flooring. Reach out to buyers, agents, and anyone else that will help your sale for their thoughts.

We Buy Houses In Any Condition!

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