Selling A House In Need Of Repairs In Hollywood

Got property in Hollywood, Florida in desperate need of repairs? Selling to a real estate investor that buys houses “as-is” fast for cash may be the best (or only) option.

Houses buyers using mortgage, rather than cash, can't close on houses needing repairs.
Mortgage buyers can’t close on houses needing repairs.

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Regular Buyers Can’t Buy “Ugly Houses”

Most home buyers apply for traditional mortgages to purchase homes. These mortgages are provided from the Federal Housing Administration (“FHA Loans”), Veteran’s Administration (“VA Loans”), and conventional mortgages via banks. Mortgages are “secured” by property (i.e. they can re-possess the property if the applicant stops payments), and so lenders ensure the home is a valuable asset.

Regular home buyers, relying on mortgages, can’t buy houses that need considerable renovation. FHA, VA, and banks will not lend on poor condition properties. For example, FHA mortgages demand the house “protect the health and safety of the occupants” and VA mortgages require “the home is safe, sanitary, and structurally sound.”

If you are selling a house that needs major updates, you are out of luck trying to sell to a regular home buyer counting on a mortgage. You need a cash buyer!

Cash Works For Buying ANY Property

Selling a house that needs repairs in Hollywood for fast cash is a terrific solution.

Cash buyers can purchase any house in any condition.
Cash buyers can purchase any house in any condition.

Professional cash home buyers are able to purchase houses “as is” – in any condition or situation. Cash buyers have their own money in the bank, and don’t need a bank or government agency’s approval. The only approval that counts is the buyers. For us, House Heroes LLC, if we reach price agreement with a homeowner we close fast no matter the condition. We do a walkthrough and title search to make sure you own it, and then it’s money in your pocket.

Cash buyers specialize in buying properties in bad condition. The goal of professional cash buyer like House Heroes LLC is to give you cash for your property, we invest our time and financial resources to repairs the house, and then re-sell it for a return. The very business purpose of a professional cash home buyer is to buy houses that need to be fixed up. Take a look at this “ugly” house we purchased in Miami-Dade so you know we buy ANY PROPERTY for cash:

NW 41 Street, Miami - We Buy Any House As-Is

Speed Counts For Property In Bad Condition

Homeowners that do not plan to manage or finance renovates should seriously consider selling fast for a multitude of reasons:

  • Liens/Fines: Houses in poor condition will often be cited for a violation and fine. Fees can add-up if left unchecked. Home sellers ignoring this lose money month after month. Indeed, ultimately the city can re-possess the house.

    Houses in poor condition should be sold fast.
    Bad condition houses should be sold fast.
  • Worsening Damage: House condition gets worse over time. This is exacberated when a property is already has substantial defects (i.e., an unchecked leaky roof can result in water damage and needing an entire new roof). Not maintaining a house properly will cost you.
  • Legal Liability: Ugly houses often have structural defects making them unsafe for an occupant. A personal injury
  • Unsecured Property: Homes that need massive repairs are often vacant. In Hollywood, and Florida in general, the climate is warm. Warm weather (i.e. not needing heat in the winter) creates the perfect opportunity for squatters to move in. Not only will squatters damage your property, increase liability, but they can threaten your safety if you come to inspect the property.

Does your property fit into any of these categories? If so, getting a fast and fair cash offer from a professional cash home buyer is well worth it.

We Buy Houses

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