Sell A House Without A Realtor In Tampa

Are you trying to decide whether to sell your house in Tampa with a realtor?

Figures from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) indicate that in the number of For Sale By Owner (FSBOs) has fallen sharply in recent years in the United States.

While online tools are promising to make selling your home without a realtor or by yourself (FSBO) a lot easier, it would appear fewer Americans are opting for that route. In 2015, FSBO’s fell to just 8% out of the total real estate sales, the lowest since surveying of FSBOs and agent-led sales began in 1981.

When faced with selling property in Tampa, the standard practice is to seek the assistance of a realtor. However, whether you to decide to sell with a realtor or not . . . here are some pros and cons to help you make that decision!

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Pros Of Using A Realtor

Not knowledgeable about real estate? An agent can help!

Selling a home is typically a complex process not like selling a personal item. Realtors are deeply immersed in property transactions and they must, out of necessity, stay updated in regard to real estate laws, regulations, practices, and contracts. When you engage the services of a Realtor, he puts local knowledge to work on your behalf.

Selling Your House Without A Realtor In Tampa
Hiring a realtor can be beneficial – particularly if you’re not familiar with the local market or sale process.

Agents can help gather local housing data on the housing market. That said, you can also find similar data on Zillow on your own.

The median home value in Tampa is $198,200. Year-over-year, the real estate market in Tampa is picking up 27.7% by seller asking price. There are 1,816 homes for sale in Tampa currently listed on Zillow with a 4.6% home value forecast. In 2014, the average list price stood at $239,793 and in 2105, it rose to $306,227.

Cons Of Using A Realtor

Realtor commission is expensive – You are likely to part with a pretty steep commission that can range up to 6% of the selling price.

Slower sales – MLS sales are slower than a cash offer as there are several procedures to be followed which may consume considerable time.

Home markets will vary from one city to the next depending on the available property inventory. In Florida, if your house is priced correctly and in relatively good condition, you can reasonably expect it to sell in 4 to 6 months.  T

he Tampa, St. Petersburg home market has been ranked second in the entire U.S. in terms of lowest days on market, standing at only 43 days. 

An Off-Market Sale To A Cash Investor Has Benefits:

As-Is Basis– When you sell your house “as is” you will not need to make repairs, paint, or even clean up. The buyer takes the property in its current condition helping you avoid costly repairs which would typically be your responsibility.

Cash Sale- The reason you want a fast sale is because you need the money quick. Investors are often willing to pay you cash for the home.  Investor cash sales are the fastest around – you get money in your pocket without mortgage delay headaches and you get your cash fast.

Mortgage timelines and terms tend to vary from one financial lender to the next as there are lots of variables to be taken into account. The bank’s mortgage decision can take months – and at the end can very well decline to issue the mortgage. Cash investors, on the other hand, can close the sale deal within 7 days.

Buy Hard To Sell Property – In many cases, your best option with “hard to sell property” is to skip out on the MLS and realtor and consider a fast cash sale to a real estate investor. Investors are also interested in such properties which include houses that are in need of much repair, vacant, or those having problem tenants.

When you need to sell your Tampa house fast without having to pay exorbitant realtor fees or any other closing costs, you need a reliable partner like House Heroes.  We guarantee fair cash offers and buy all types of property no matter the circumstance, condition or price range. We make a fair cash offer in 24-hours and can close in days.

Need to sell fast? House needs repairs? A cash investor makes that happen.

Looking For A Good Realtor?

Realtors help in getting maximum exposure from MLS Listing. Realtors will try get your property in front of as many buyers as possible.

Unfortunately, this means more strangers coming through yout home regularly. Your should except more showings when you engage a Tampa MLS listed realtor.

If you decide you want to use a realtor . . . here are a few high ranked Tampa realtors!

  1. Thomas Linda – Bayshore Real Estate Incorporated. Can be located at 2906 W Bay To Bay Blvd, Tampa,FL 33629.
  2. REMAX Choice Realty – They are located 6527 Gunn Hwy, Tampa, FL.
  3. Christina Adams – She is at 1001 S MacDill Ave, Tampa, FL.
  4. Premier Choice Properties – Found at 12551 Bassbrook Ln, Tampa, FL.

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