7 Home Decor Trends Of 2019

Moving to a new location?

Here are seven 2019 decor trends that will give your new home an awesome and stylish feel.

2018, with its lush trends, ultraviolet theme, subtle beige furniture, and terrazzo tiling, made a big statement in British home décor styling. It exposed the power of emotions and the lure of non-conformity. For some, it made them push past imaginary limits.

Sometimes, we need a break from the usual to get our groove back and feel alive. If you want to re-create your home, or you are moving to a new location, here are some awesome trends that promise to set your home aglow in 2019.

Be Bold – More is More

Maximalism was one of 2018’s interior home trends, and it looks like it will be back in 2019. Go for bright color splashes. Make use of attention-grabbing accessories. Try bold wallpapers and prints. Sharp colors keep you alive and provide that awesome aesthetic finish and elegance that sets your home apart from others. A little extravagance might just be what your body needs. Here are a few ideas you can explore.

Want an awesome looking home? Don’t be afraid to use eye catching colors and finishings.

Try textured wallpaper to your bedroom. Textured wallpapers featuring a subtle pattern will elevate your overall space without overdoing it. Don’t be shy to add a little more drama to your textured wallpaper with colorful photography or artwork.

Give your bedding something luxurious. Whether you prefer velvet, linen or any other textured fabric, pick something elegant that feels indulgent and gives you a glamorous night-time experience.

Add personality to your kitchen with unique personal touches such as handcrafted leather pulls and painted backsplashes. You can also add vintage rugs, colorful cookbooks, and curated travel pieces. Leave behind the days of modern, white, clinical kitchens and let your kitchen space overflow with energy. You can also mix up your metal selection from cabinet knobs to faucets, to light fixture finishes.

Layer the patterns and colors for a personal look that feels yours distinctly.


Scandinavian styling is anything but boring. While having a seemingly minimalist look, its pure and flawless style provides homes with simplicity, beauty, and understated elegance. Bold blue accents, colorful feather textures, cottage culture, and other Scandinavian touches can give your home the needed elegance. You can also try tech-free bedrooms for an elegant serene look, which also will provide ultimate relaxation when you need it.

White walls with cool grey and blue textiles will give off the right ambiance of a Scandi-Finish, but if you want something more bold, you can go with products and textiles by Marimekko and the much more decorative Josef Frank, both are different yet very Scandinavian.

Don’t be afraid to show off the wood. You can incorporate cladding on the walls and ceiling to add warmth and texture. Make sure to use grey oil to take the yellow away from woods such as oak and pine.

Go Green and Go Home

Green is synonymous with freshness, energy, and positivity. Hence, the innumerable shades of green will bring your home to nature’s beautiful shades – filling it with optimism and the drive to achieve.

botantical green
Consider botanical green as you work towards revamping your home decor.

A touch of botanical green may just be what your home needs to be alive. From small cacti to potted plants and hanging foliage, adding lush plants to your home interior design can give you a touch of nature’s serenity inside your home. To achieve an elegant look with plants, you can try iridescent-hued furniture and accessories.

Here are some spectacular options to introduce freshness into your home.

Pastel shade of green is cool. Consider how various shades of green can give different effects.  Pastel green brings home a calming vibe, while apple green matches the spectacular energy of children, infusing immense positivity in their day-to-day activities.

Peach Your Tent

Living coral, Pantone color for 2019, symbolizes joyful pursuits and optimism. The “animating shade of orange with a golden undertone” inspires a feeling of comfort and buoyancy while retaining its subtle connection to nature and its warmth. You can consider filling your home (or portions of it) in any shade of orange from coral pink to pastel peach.

Mixed-accent Metal Mania

Metals such as copper, gold, brass, and blackened metals add warmth, balance, and glam to the house. A moderate mix of metal accents (two or three maximum) and proper lighting can set the house aglow. Consider adding a combination of metal accents such as gold or brass with oil-rubbed bronze.

The key is to pick one metal hue to dominate your color palette while the other complements.

For instance, if your kitchen has stainless steel appliances, you can add brass handles for a pop of warm color. If you want a gold or silver bedroom, assess the rest of your room’s color palette. If the predominant color is warm such as yellow, red or orange, then use gold as your main metal with silver as the accent metal.

If your room has a neutral palette and mostly black, white or both, then you are at liberty to mix different metals.

Trendy Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiling might be a little outdated, but having subtle terrazzo highlights around the house is timeless. Its versatility makes it compatible with either a minimalist or maximalist style of home décor design. Homeware like cups, plates, and vases made of terrazzo are enough to bring back the 1970s’ bang to your home and give it a stylish finish.

If you have a spunky sense of style and a daring attitude when it comes to going all-in with a trend, you can cover every surface in your bathroom with a retro terrazzo, matching the floor to the walls.

You can also create a playful kitchen with a vintage-inspired design. You can pick out a chunkier terrazzo with muted shades.

If you wish to add Terrazzo to your home, it is best to start small – seek out a terrazzo vase, or a terrazzo slab for displaying all your jewelry. If it works for you, you can go bigger. If not, you can keep it toned down.

Terrazzo is beautiful, nostalgic and it’s anything but boring. What’s more? It’s also practical — cheers to seeing more of this material in 2019.

Statement Ceilings and Carpets

A patterned carpet can make a big different from a bland room to one sure to impress even the most picky guests.

A patterned wallpaper or carpet ceiling is enough to transform your home and give it a glam look. Statement ceilings fell out of trend in the 1940s, but came back with a loud bang in 2019. They create an unusual focal point of attraction in any home.

People often refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall. But for years it has been neglected by home decorators. We spend hours and days agonizing about which paint color to use on our walls; the ceiling gets typically little to no thought at all. How many times have you reached for a can of matte white paint to cover a ceiling in an otherwise colorful room?

A statement ceiling can entirely transform your space—and instantly make it feel memorable and unique. If your house is already decorated but missing a little something, try looking up

Get Curvy

Round shapes are another out-of-fashion trends that will make big waves in 2019. Ranging from the dining table and curved sofas to curved tiles, curved furnishings give the house a different touch and a sensual feel.

Giving your home a different look can be inspiring and ecstatic. If you live in an urban area, you might find a country interior décor style welcoming in contrast to modern design and architecture. Some refurbishment finance may be helpful if you lack needed funds to re-create your home.

Let’s light up 2019!

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