Should I Sell My House In Fall?

As we prepare for sweater weather, homeowners have several things on their minds. Is it too early to start holiday shopping? Do I have time to sell my house before the holidays? Is fall a good time to find a buyer for my home? Although it’s too early to start shopping for gifts, autumn is great time to sell.  Property owners often believe that selling a home is too difficult in September, October, and November, but that isn’t the case. Below are three reasons to consider a late year property sale.

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Low House Inventory – High Impact

As a potential home seller, you have likely heard spring is the best time to sell. Yes, spring tends to produce more sales than other seasons, but it isn’t the only time of year you can successfully sell a house. One of the greatest benefits of an autumn is that there’s less competition. If you waited to sell your home until spring, then the probability of their being many properties for sale in your price-range would increase. This is a situation of supply and demand. The fewer number of homes for sale in your range, the more attention your house will get. Increasing your probability for showings, also increases your probability for selling for more. Stand out in September, October, and November.

Speedy Transactions

Fast Home Sale in Fall
Lower fall inventory means more attention and faste rmoving sale.

A major sore point for sellers is not getting information quickly from those involved in the closing process. During the busy months of spring, loaners, attorneys, inspectors, etc. have jam packed schedules. Home sellers often wait days before hearing back from these key players because of the influx in home sales. As mentioned above, there is likely a shortage of inventory right now. Less inventory means fewer loans to process, closings to complete, and inspections to do.  This should be music to a potential home seller’s ears. Make a fall sale and you won’t be put on the waiting list.

Speedy transactions lead to less stress for all parties involved in the home selling process. If you need to sell a house quickly, give us a call (954) 676-1846 for a fair cash offer and fast hassle-free closing. We buy any property, in any condition, at any price range. Cash reserves are sitting in our bank ready for our next purchase. This is particularly important for “ugly houses” in poor condition, where staging is not ideal and a regular buyer (not willing to invest time and money in major repairs) can’t buy it.

Staged to Sell

As you begin to set up your wreaths, lights, and gourds, you often get nostalgic over the excitement of the holiday season. Home buyers have the same feelings. Both fall and winter months fill houses with trinkets and sparkle that bring out emotion in those surrounded by the elements. Embracing the holiday spirit sets your property apart. One of the main struggles that buyers have is developing a personal connection to a house. Although price is important, emotion sells. Holiday décor allows potential buyers to envision themselves spending the seasons there year after year. Putting your house up for sale in the fall enhances the chances of you making a sell based on emotional connection.

After reading this, you should know why fall is a great time to be a home seller. Low inventory, quick transactions, and emotionally charged décor will set you up a fast and effective sale.

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