Testimonial: Craig Meeks

Testimonial: Craig Meeks, NW 21 Court in Ft. Lauderdale

Our passion at House Heroes is helping South Florida homeowners sell their houses fast for cash. We had the pleasure of working with Mr. Craig Meeks to buy his single-family home on Northwest 21 Court in Fort Lauderdale. We are happy to have assisted Craig in selling his house!

Craig’s Situation.  House Heroes reached out to Craig via mail offering to buy his property. He called us back and spoke with our Acquisitions Manager Robin Maza about his home sale goals.  The house was owned by his sister, and Craig had power of attorney.  Craig lived out-of-state in Huntsville, Alabama. The house was currently occupied by a tenant. Managing property from long distance is difficult for landlords. The tenant had experienced financial issues and was not making rent payments. It was important to Craig whoever bought this house treat the tenant with fairness and honesty. Craig preferred a fast cash sale, and the house required electrical work and repairs.

How House Heroes Helped!  A traditional MLS sale would not meet Craig’s goals. Homeowners looking for a place to live could not buy this home, since there was a tenant in place. Conventional financing was not viable due to the non-paying tenant. MLS sales take months, so there would not be fast cash for Craig.

After receiving Craig’s call, House Heroes flew onto the scene. Craig let us know when we could view the property, and President Lucas Machado checked out the home.  Less than 24-hours later, Lucas and Craig agreed on price. To speed up the sale, House Heroes skipped its inspection period (the customary 15-day period to formally hire home inspectors). As soon as the title search cleared, the sale closed immediately. No games or gimmicks – just a fast and easy home sale for Craig!

Here’s what Craig had to say:

“Hello, my name is Craig Meeks. I’m from Huntsville, Alabama. I recently needed to sell my sister’s house in Ft. Lauderdale so I called House Heroes. They called me right back, and we negotiated a deal over the phone. About 15 days later, we were able to close on the property. House Heroes purchased the home, and I got my cash. If you have a piece of property you want to sell in the South Florida area, please call House Heroes. They are trustworthy and will treat you right. Thank you House Heroes!”

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