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Need to sell a house in Florida fast? There are many Florida cash home buyers. Unfortunately, most “professional buyers” only pretend to have funds to purchase your property. You may have already have experienced purported “investors” promising a price only to back-out or pressuring you to accept an offer. House Heroes is the number one local cash buyer. Here’s why.

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Bank Statement Proof of Funds

There is an “epidemic” of unethical “professional home buyers” that falsely claim to have cash reserves. The vast majority don’t. It’s simple to weed out these companies.

Request bank statement proof of funds.
Request bank statement proof of funds.

First, request bank statement proof of funds. Most investors won’t be able to produce this. They will give a “verbal” excuse about needing a financial partner. They may show a “letter of credit” from a lender – once you see that, you know they are scamming. Even when bank statement is produced, make sure their name is on it and it is recently dated.

Sadly, many owners don’t ask these questions and get defrauded. We recently worked with a home seller that accepted high offers month after month from wholesalers (i.e. people who “claim” to have cash to get you to sign a contract and then sell your executed contract to a third party). After 14-months and 12 canceled contracts (paying on-going maintenance, utilities, taxes, insurance), she accepted the price we offered on day 1. This is black-eye for our industry and regrettably it’s the regular course of business.

House Heroes always provides you proof of funds bank statement in our name. It’s the first thing we offer upon contacting us. You can be completely confident we have the cash to close.

We made an all cash purchase with realtor Clarence Williams and he said: “House Heroes came in and became heroes.  When I have a property that has to be a cash buyer, I call House Heroes.  I’ve dealt with other buyers that claim they have the cash, and don’t have the cash to complete the transaction. House Heroes had the funds and closed on the property.”

Testimonial: Clarence Williams, NW 22 Ave in Miami

We Buy Any Property No Matter the Condition

House Heroes has the experience and skill to buy any house as-is no matter the condition, situation, or circumstance. Most “investors” claim to buy as-is, only to go to the house, inspect, and either cancel or request a lower price. Need to sell a house? You can count on House Heroes to close fast no matter what. Doesn’t matter how ugly or the repairs necessary. Proof is in the pudding. This video proves we buy ANYTHING:


NW 41 Street, Miami - We Buy Any House As-Is



When you choose a restaurant, you look at Yelp reviews. When you choose a contractor, you check testimonials on Angie’s list. When you choose a stock broker, you study their track record. Choosing a Florida cash home buyer is no different: you need to look at testimonials.

Video testimonials are the hallmark of a trustworthy and legitimate company: a client was so pleased with the service they were willing to go on camera recommending the company.

You can trust House Heroes, but don’t take our word for it. Take the word of our clients. We have testimonial after testimonial from home sellers speaking on our behalf. You saw Clarence’s above, check out Lisa’s: “House Heroes was honest and fair. You helped me with my move, packing, and day-to-day questions. Your company helped so greatly, so quickly, and treated me as more than just a dollar sign. You were a friend to me.”

Lisa's Testimonial


We are problem solvers dedicated to understanding every home seller’s unique situation and offering the best solution. If that’s selling to us, great! If that’s listing directly on the MLS, we will tell you that too! Selling your home is an important decision. Unlike competitors, we never pressure to accept our offer. It stays on the table until you’re ready. We are satisfied when you are satisfied. It’s who we are.

According to Lorraine, “I worked with House Heroes to sell my home. House Heroes is trustworthy, fair, and understood my situation. They listened to me, and worked with me to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend House Heroes to anyone looking to sell their home.”

Loraine's Testimonial

Public Presence & Industry Leader

Would you trust a company that you can’t look up on the web in today’s world? Of course not. If you’re not online , you likely have something to hide. Legitimate businesses are members of the industry community with internet presence.

House Heroes not only has nothing to hide, but we want you to see what we do! You’ve already found our website! Follow day-to-day activity on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, our blog, Pinterest, BiggerPockets Pro (this is the leading real estate forum), Yelp. We’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and paying members of local real estate investment associations (Dade-County Real Estate Investment Association & Broward County Real Estate Investment Associations).

We are a recognized industry leader. Major publications have interviewed and cited House Heroes:,,,,, and PennyMac.

We Buy Houses!

Call Us (954) 676-1846 or Fill Out This Form For Your FAIR Offer.

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