3 Tips To Boost The Value Of Your Home Sale

Home sellers naturally want to maximize profit on their real estate transaction. At House Heroes, we work with South Florida homeowners every day that need to sell but haven’t taken simple steps to get the most value. 

Here are a few tips to help get the price you are looking for.

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Market Home At Best Price
Homes priced near fair market value sell faster and for higher amounts by generating buyer interest.

Market At The Right Price. We’ve written in detail about determining the value of your home. To figure out your house’s value, look at the sale price of local similar properties (“the comps”), and assess how your home stacks up in terms of necessary repairs, location, size, age, bedrooms/bathrooms, and curb appeal.  Home sellers should consult a real estate professional in gauging their property’s value.

The follow-up question is what price to market your home at. Home sellers often market their property at unrealistic prices thinking this will maximize value. This is a mistake.  Over pricing a home results in buyers ignoring your property since it appears you have excessive price demands, will not negotiate, and are not a serious seller. Sales receive peak interest at the initial listing: over pricing at the start will lose that attention. After the home sits on the market for months, the home is stigmatized and buyers assume there must be something wrong.  Even if you find a buyer at a high price, after appraisal the buyer will likely request a reduction.

Pricing at fair market value, or below market value, generates substantial buyer interest.  The lower price makes your home stand out.  Once multiple buyers are in play, calling for “highest and best” creates a bidding war among the buyers maximizing sale value.  Rather than the home sitting on the market for months or even years, pricing right will get the sale done quick.

De-Personalize. Home sellers should position their home to appeal to as many buyers possible.  Although difficult emotionally, a critical step in drawing in buyers is “de-personalizing” your home.

Depersonalize Before Sale
Removing personal tastes and items helps buyers imagine moving in.

Neutralizing your home by removing your personal tastes allows buyers to imagine themselves moving in.  Buyers are turned off by anything contrary to their tastes or offensive to their sensibilities. Make sure walls are painted neutral colors and have minimal hanging objects.  Remove the following items:

  • Family photos and portraits
  • Collectables such as trophies, awards, and certifications
  • DVDs, video games, CDs
  • Magazines, catalogs, newspapers
  • Toiletries and other hygienic items
  • Exercise equipment
  • Children/pet toys and products
  • Religious and political posters, buttons, books, etc.
Curb Appeal
Curb appeal makes your home stand out from the competition.

Curb Appeal. You need your home to make a lasting first impression.  The first thing buyers see at a showing is the front of the home, so “curb appeal” is important.  Strong curb appeal separates your home from the competition.  In preparing your home for sale, changes to the exterior should fit into the character of neighborhood.  Broken concrete and windows should be repaired.  Other tips for improving curb appeal include: landscaping (lawn, bushes, trees, flowers), well paved driveway, cleaning sides of your house and gutters, painting front door, and new mailbox.

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