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Helpful Tips When Selling Your Beachfront Property

Thinking about selling a beachfront property?

Summer is perfect for spending time at the beach, getting tanned, swimming and doing water sports. It’s also the season when homeowners are busiest in selling or leasing real estate along the water.

Still, even though lots of people are interested in leasing or even buying, beachfront property is not that easy to market. It’s just like selling a luxury house, with the added bonus that it’s situated in a paradise-like area.

We know the difficulties most owners face, which is why we put together a useful guide for selling beachfront property.

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Staging & Repairs

Consider getting an inspection of the property before selling.

Check for chipped or old paint, loose wood, and salt deposits. Also identify elements of the inside that need work.

repair beachfront house
Consider repairing beachfront yourself or selling “as-is” to a buyer that will. Luxury buyers want beautiful property.

Does your house need considerable work? One option is getting an as-is cash offer from a cash buyer.

Professional home buyers purchase it “as-is”, close fast, pay for repairs, and re-sell for a profit. This works best if you’re not looking to spend time or financial resources rehabbing yourself.

Finally, the power of staging is well documented for renovated houses. Re-arranging furniture, repainting some walls, and decorating to fit a modern beachfront house help sell quick. Remove clutter and highlight beach-facing features like bay windows, the deck, and other part of the house with beach views.

Decoration should be simple and inviting. Customers can envision their things in the new space. Given the unique nature of beachfront houses, ensure you have working air conditioning, modern shower areas, and a good spot to store ocean and pool items.

Impressive Images & Videos

Perception is one of the most important aspects when you sell a home.

When you’re marketing beachfront property, perception is absolutely crucial.

The first-time potential buyers discover the beachfront home is often through images and videos. To maximize sales value and minimize days on the market, presentation needs be top-quality from start to finish.

Don’t be stingy about hiring a professional.

The right images, with the right lighting, tell fantastic stories. Aerial-footage, walk through videos, and photos via drones are fantastic for showings the entire property. These marketing techniques are not expensive so even those on a tight budget can do it.

drone photography
High end marketing techniques, like drone video or photos, are suited to beachfront homes.

Finally, consider connecting with a few high-caliber writers for copy for the marketing campaign and ads. A good writer can light up the mind of prospective buyers with a few well-placed words.

Once all the materials are ready, you are prepared to launch a online marketing campaign on important channels, like Redfin or Zillow.  If you’ve done it right, you get immediate results from buyers already looking.

A Clear Strategy

Beachfront property like these impressive Marco Island Beachfront Condo draw extra attention. Of course, the benefits are worth your efforts, so the sooner you close a good deal, the best!

In order to get to close a good deal fast, you need a clear strategy, built around the unique features of this property.

This strategy will also help reach out to the right type of customers who are more than ready to pay the right price.

selling strategy
Beachfront sale strategy emphasizes the experiences of the home and surrounding neighborhood.

Emphasize charming experiences the home offers. Yes, the beach is a strong selling point, but all the houses in the neighborhood have the same view. You have to identify the uniqueness of this property and describe it to customers.

Start with the inside and find areas that can be dedicated to relaxation. For instance, a nice selling point is a large living room with windows towards the beach, where the owners can have friends and family over. Also, a deck or an indoor pool add to the value of the house.

Furthermore, even though at the beach, areas like the bathroom and kitchen are still very important. So, make sure they are well organized and decorated in a modern, open-space style. Modern design creates a wonderful image of the interior and makes people feel welcome.

Finally, you should never forget about the outside! If there is enough space, it may help to install a lawn or create a small area for sitting where the future owners could drink their morning coffee while admiring the sea.

Know what your Customer Wants

Luxury homes and beachfront properties aren’t a basic need.

People don’t buy them to have a roof over their head.

Buyers often view beachfronts as getaways (not their permanent residence.) Buyers want relaxed atmosphere, where they feel comfortable and have fun with family and friends.

beachfront experience
Focus on letting beachfront buyers envision themselves in paradise.

They also want to socialize and have fun outside (after all, it is beachfront property!). Make sure to include these aspects in your marketing campaign. It goes a long way to get accustomed to the area and know everything there is about entertainment possibilities, good restaurants and terraces, and kid-friendly spots.

Build the Story from the Ground Up

Beachfronts sell better and faster when you envelop the entire process into a beautiful story.

While it is recommendable to highlight the home features, also emphasize neighborhood prestige using the area’s reputation for white sand beaches, blue water, and entertainment possibilities.

For instance, don’t just mention the spacious deck facing the beach; talk about beautiful mornings on the deck, admiring the sunrise (or sunset) with a cup of coffee in your hands.

The same with the interior; don’t just say ‘spacious living room’; talk about parties with friends, family reunions, and wonderful afternoons filled with relaxation!

Allow buyers to imagine themselves living incredible experiences the area and property have to offer and you won’t have to negotiate too much on the price.

Every aspect matters when you target high-end customers, but the results are worth the effort!

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