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Upcycle the Interior of Your House and Give Buyers a Real WOW Factor

For anyone looking to put their house on the market, it can be tempting to start buying new things to make it appealing to buyers. You might paint a few walls, pull out threadbare carpets and rugs, replace old and broken furniture, change fixtures and fittings.

However, there is another, more cost-effective way to make a house a home again. Someone else’s home that is.

Particularly if the house hasn’t been given the kind of care and attention it needs over the years, tired decors and unsightly furniture can be a real put-off to potential buyers. Adding a little wow factor to your interiors can make all the difference, but it needn’t eat into your final sale price, and there’s a huge range of cost-effective upcycling ideas out there that can refresh and rejuvenate your house.

Take a look at a few ways to bring upcycling into your home and really capture the attention of potential buyers.

Use Bottles and Mason Jars to Replace Old Lights

There’s nothing worse than the fluorescent strip lights illuminating a home when you’re trying to sell. Additionally, that oversize candelabra that you’re so fond of might not be to everyone’s taste. Luckily for you, you don’t have to spend thousands to upgrade to something a little more contemporary. Bottles and mason jars can easily be repurposed as lights, bringing a unique and warming aesthetic to your house.

Use Pallets for Everything


Pallets are superbly versatile when it comes to interior design. They’re also cheap and easily available. Kitchen cupboards falling off the wall? Why not hang pots, pans, and utensils from a freshly painted pallet. Want to cover up a dirty old wall? Use pallet wood to create a focal point that really pops. There’s no end to the number of uses for pallets, you just need to use your imagination or check out these ideas here.

Repurpose Old Closets


If you’re house has one of those handy hall closets that’s just used as a dumping ground, why not repurpose it and add an extra dash of wow for buyers. Adding a small office or workstation inside will inspire potential buyers as they view the house. Space is always at a premium, no matter the size of your house, so showing buyers how to optimize the space that exists is a great way to add extra value.

Reimagine Old Drawers and Doors


If you’re throwing out old furniture, take another look at the drawers and doors to see if you can repurpose them as something else. Drawers can be used as shelves, to hang artwork, or even as eye catching planters. The same is true for old doors, and you can really bring a touch of bohemian chic with a chipped antique door that would otherwise be destined for the trash.

Bring the Inside Outside, and Outside Inside

outside in

If you’re dumping an old bathroom suite, before you send it off to landfill, why not consider using parts of it as planters. Particularly in concrete yards with little greenery, a blooming bathtub or sink can bring a welcome touch of nature that is sure to catch the eye of potential buyers. Additionally, you can even use an old toilet for a little extra humor.

While you’re out back, why not check that old shed for rusty tools that can be used inside the house. Old rake heads make fantastic glass holders with just a little work, old spade heads can also double as interesting, decorative plates for keys, small change, or anything else you can think of. Additionally, you never know what you might find that’s suitable for use as an indoor planter. Old oil cans work particularly well as long as you clean them properly beforehand.

One final thought, if you’re selling a property that is rented and you have existing tenants, making your own alterations can be challenging. However, property management apps can help you out here, and you can easily convey your ideas to your maintenance team who can then make small alterations after arranging a suitable time with your tenants.


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