10 Tips When Selling a House In The Fall

Fall is a great time to get creative when selling your house. Although summer and spring see the highest sales, you can take steps to set your home apart in October, November, and December. Below are 10 tips to get buyers to notice your real estate sale this autumn!

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#1 – Make Sure the Price is Right

During colder seasons, it’s essential to avoid setting list price too high. September, October, and November see a downward shift in inventory. Many people look to sell in summer or spring when the market and temperature are their hottest. With less competition, you don’t want to scare buyers off by over-pricing. Research similar houses in your neighborhood to ensure a competitive price. Monitor home prices and inventory here.

#2 – Trim the Trees

During summer and spring, it’s not uncommon that trees, bushes, lawns, gardens and other landscape get overgrown. Although an overgrown year may appeal to the spooky theme of fall, it doesn’t attract the eye of potential buyers. Before setting up home showings, be sure to bring out the trimmers and lawn mower to tighten up the look of your yard. You want potential buyers to see you care for your house.

#3 – Colorful Curb Appeal

Fall weather leaves siding looking worn down by the season’s end. If you didn’t find time to freshen the exterior during the sunny season, be sure to get out the house and clean the siding before listing. Touches of autumn on the outside of your property will draw people in. Put white or orange pumpkins, yellow gourds, and multi-colored wreaths placed up the walkway. Home tour guests will be drawn in before opening the front door.

#4 – Spruce up Windows & Signs of Pets

Along with dusty siding, windows tend to go untreated during fall months. If you have dogs or cats, you’ll notice smudges and hair around most of the windows. Fall is a great time to dust of your shutters, wipe of smudges on widows, and to clean up window nooks. Make sure your windows sparkle.

#5 – Capture a Buyer’s Senses

Imagine walking into a home, and before even opening your eyes you feel autumn magic. Scent of pine cones, pumpkins, and cinnamon fill the air. Buyers envision themselves sitting around the kitchen table with a mug of hot apple cider before even seeing the kitchen. Colder months allow sellers to creatively appeal to senses. Light candles, bake traditional treats, or set out bowls of pine cones. Capture the senses of all who enter.

#6 – Treat the Chimney with Care

Imagine if one of the scents you smelled was smoke from the wood-burning fireplace. If you happen to have a fireplace, chances are you haven’t used it in a while. Clean out cobwebs or old ashes before lighting the fire. Make sure that there’s not an excess of smoke after lighting it. If so, you can fix it, or light candles in the fireplace instead. Both bring a cozy feel.

#7 – Accessorize with Autumn Accents

As mentioned in our blog about selling in the fall, one of the best parts about selling in September, October and November is that your home is staging. When a buyer walks in to take a tour, they should comfort from the orange, brown and red autumn accents. Decorating the inside of your house with holiday gems pulls at the heart strings of all who see. One of the fastest ways to sell a house is appealing to buyer emotions.

#8 – Lighten Up the Space

Bring in light. As the days get shorter, the sun sets expanded shadows. Unless selling to a vampire, chances are people want a bright light filled house. Make sure each room has ample    amounts of lighting. Open curtains, raise blinds, and turn on every light. Even go as far as to light candles and a fire. Liven up the space.

#9 – Prepare for Sweater Weather

It’s been months since you’ve used the heat function of your thermostat. Ensure your system works properly by examining the HVAC. If the unit isn’t functioning, call a professional to fix it before the first open house. Not only should buyers be warmed by the detail in your décor, but by the comfort in temperature as well.

If your house needs substantial repairs and you need a cash home buyer fast, give us a call (954) 676-1846. We buy any property, in any condition, at any price range. Don’t want to bother  fixing that HVAC or anything else? We’ll handle it!

#10 – Trick or Treat

Leave your guests with a good taste in their mouth. People remember the last thing they see, so make sure it’s pleasant. A good idea is to set out a tray of themed baggies filled with candy corn or candy pumpkins. Again, appeal to the senses of the season. You could even go all-out by handing out individually wrapped popcorn balls, tied with autumn accented ribbon.

As mentioned before, September, October, and November are great months if you need to sell your home. Take advantage of the fall and autumn season by appealing to the buyer’s emotions. With a little creativity, you’ll get your home bought fast!

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