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Alternatives to Listing Your Florida Home: Explained

alternatives to listing
There are alternatives to listing that may be much more efficient.

Do you want to sell your home in Florida? A lot of people are not aware of all the available options when it comes to selling homes. The general way to sell homes is by listing them. But we are going to share some possible alternatives to listing your home.

Listing your home can be a very tedious task because a lot is involved in it. When you list your home, to get the best possible value for it, you need to make repairs, carry out maintenance and cleaning while still paying the bills and trying to move. The whole process can be really exhausting.

There are other alternatives to listing that may be much more efficient in some situations. Definitely consider these listing alternatives when you are beginning the process to sell your house in Florida! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Rent To Own

rent to own
With Rent To Own you can get more than full retail value for your home.

Setting up your house in a rent to own structure is a great way to get the property in front of many more potential buyers. It is also a way to guarantee you will get full retail value for the home, sometimes more. Many people are trying to buy homes but do not qualify for a mortgage because of several issues. Maybe a small issue in their credit history from many years ago, or they are a little short of funds for a large down payment, or maybe they have a mortgage already on a different property.

These people, because of the situation they find themselves in, are likely to be willing to pay above the average rent in exchange for a chance to own a home. To get started, the buyer will pay you an agreed-upon “lump-sum payment up-front”. This lump-sum payment acts as a deposit should they fail to hold up their end of the agreement. The buyer may also pay you a higher than average rent, with some portion of the rent going toward their down-payment.

At the end of a year or two, or whatever timeline you agreed to, the buyer must purchase the home outright. There are many different ways you can set this up so that it works for all parties. Negotiate the terms that work best for you!

Hold As a Rental Property

rental property
Many who can’t sell their home keep it as a rental property.

Ever thought about being a landlord? Sometimes, being a landlord can be frustrating. However, with very careful screening, it is possible to find great, long-term, low-maintenance tenants. Many people who have a hard time selling the traditional way will instead opt to rent out their homes.

It might be a lot of work for you to handle; this is where property management companies come into play. Property management companies can assist with routine maintenance and rent collection. Owning a rental property is a good way to get an extra income.

Selling to A Direct Buyer or Investor

selling to an investor
Selling to an investor is quicker and will save you a lot of costs.

Choosing to sell your home directly is going to save you a lot of costs in the long run. There will be no need to pay a listing agent; there will be no need to pay cleaning agencies or incur repair costs. The process runs quicker when you decide to sell directly to an investor. Most direct buyers pay in cash and therefore do not have to rely on traditional banks for funding.

Please familiarize yourself with the terms, and ensure that they are agreeable to you. Make sure to read the fine print! You will not have professional help when you are selling on your own, so you will need to be very careful when dealing with direct home buyers. Not all direct home buyers are the same! Do your research and make sure you are working with a reputable home buying company. Click this link to see what other homeowners have said about working with us!

Auction Services

selling via auction
Selling via auction is great if the date it sells is more important than the price.

Many people in Florida are turning to auction services to sell their homes. Get someone or a site that can market your home effectively. The aim of this is to put your home out there, in the faces of buyers, and encourage them to bid for it.

An auction is great for people who want to have a definitive date when they sell. You can potentially save thousands by selling your home quickly through an auction rather than listing it.

You’ll want to factor in your holding costs such as property taxes, homeowners insurance, mortgage payment, repairs, and general depreciation. Holding on to a home that isn’t income generating is only costing you money.

Do you want to sell your house in Florida? We can help you achieve your goals right now! Fill out this simple form or give us a call to learn more! (954) 676-1846


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