Are Florida Cash Home Buying Companies Trustworthy?

Homeowners often need to sell their home fast, particularly in distress situations involving inheritance, eviction, foreclosure, and repairs.  An option is to sell to a cash home buying company.  There is no shortage of cash buyers in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.  Cash home buyers, like House Heroes, buy houses fast for cash in “as is” condition.  However, not all “cash buyers” are created equal.  In this blog, we identify the factors to determine if you can trust a cash home buyer.

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Local Florida Business
Sell to a local cash buyer you can directly communicate with.

Local Investor You Can Speak With. Make sure the company is run by local investors you can speak with.  Speaking and meeting the investor helps ensure you are not subject to fraud.  National home buying chains may not actually buy your house, but pass it on to a local investor you are unaware of.  National companies also lack local expertise.  Look at the company’s website: if the company is legit, you will be able to identify the owner, employees, and direct contact information.  With House Heroes, call our Acquisitions Manager Robin Maza and President Lucas Machado at (954) 676-1846 or e-mail Robin at or Lucas at  We meet our clients in person to discuss how a home sale transaction can be mutually beneficial to our client and House Heroes.

Proof of Funds
Ask potential cash home buyers for their proof of funds.

Proof of Funds. The entire premise of a “cash home buyer” is the company has cash available to purchase your house.  To ensure the buyer is trustworthy, request bank statement, brokerage statement, letter of credit, or other proof of funds.  If a buyer cannot produce proof funds, most likely they are a pretender with high risk to back out of the sale due insufficient funds.

Integrity, Honesty, and Professionalism.  Cash home buyers sometimes “strong arm” homeowners into selling even when not in the seller’s best interests.  We operate differently – our philosophy is to provide value and service, and if we can’t, refer you to someone who can.  For example, we get calls every day from homeowners looking to sell their homes, but their home is in pristine condition and the homeowners don’t need fast cash.  In this situation, we advise the homeowner not to sell to us and list on the MLS.  As a professional home buyer, of course House Heroes makes profit on purchases, which is the exchange for us buying your home fast, for cash, and repairing the home so you don’t have to.  If you can wait 4-6 months, don’t need fast cash, and repairs is not an issue, House Heroes may not be your best option.  We are still glad to take your call, discuss your property, and provide a free property report!

Professionalism is important in selecting the right cash buyer.  Check out the company’s website, testimonials, blog, and social media outlets.  Ask the buyer: what will you do with this property? How much profit do you plan to make?  House Heroes informs clients about our goal with the property, how much we are expecting to pay in repairs, and how much we are expecting to profit for our work in buying, rehabbing, and selling the home.

Testimonials are critical for identifying a legitimate cash home buyer.
Testimonials are critical for identifying a legitimate home buyer.

Testimonials. Identify a legitimate home buyer by hearing from pleased clients. Experienced home buyers have testimonials supporting the quality of their work.  See our latest video testimonials from happy clients: video interview with Ms. Lisa Rauch and video testimonial from Mr. Craig Meeks.  See all our testimonials here.

Fees & Earnest Deposit. Trustworthy cash home buyers will never charge you fees to inspect your home, make an offer, enter a contract, or anything else.  Pay attention to the earnest deposit as well.  If a cash buyer refuses to put up a fair earnest deposit, they are not serious and will likely back out.

We Buy Probate Houses!

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