Cricket Club, Miami “Phase 3” Walkthrough

Cricket Club, Miami Live "Phase 3" Walkthrough (7/6/17)


House Heroes has been walking everyone in Florida through our latest fix-and-flip off Biscayne Bay in Miami. If you need to get up to speed, watch the live Phase 1 and Phase 2 videos. We’re now at Phase 3 – renovations almost finished and then taking this luxury condo to the MLS!

Status of Home Renovations

Renovations are coming to a close! We’re up to the second to last rehab draw (i.e. periodic payments to the GC for completing each renovation stage). All that’s left is finishing touches, polishing, cleaning the kitchen/bathroom. Final rehab draw will be next week and afterwards meet with the home stager to put together our presentation plan, set up professional photos, and get this beauty up for sale. We anticipate listing this on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in less than two weeks. If you are selling a house in Miami – we can buy it for cash, rehab it, and sell it just like we did at the Cricket Club.

House Heroes is pleased with our hard work on this one. Stone floor polishing came out near perfect. Fresh paint, fresh trim. Pink carpet is removed – replaced with engineered wood. The engineered wood is much stronger than laminate, and as attractive as wood. In the bathroom we’ve installed new vanity, light fixtures, and wall hardware. The vanity was wider than the wall – but nothing House Heroes couldn’t handle (adjusted the wall for a terrific fit).

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