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Desperate To Sell Your House in Miami?

Are you desperate to sell your house in Miami?

Selling your home can a stressful experience, especially in overheated markets. In Miami (where real estate is always buzzing), buyers generally have lots options to choose from. The greater housing selection brings more competition among the sellers, and in turn, can sometimes lower sale price..

Another challenge faced by home owners is choosing a local realtor.

You will get many real Miami real estate agents who aren’t effective or just average – very few provide excellent service to justify hefty commissions.

Statistics show that 85-90% of the house selling and buying is done by just between 10 and 15% of the agents.  This is certainly a lot of real estate business for such a small percentage of professionals which makes getting a good agent a challenge.

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Reasons You Might Be Desperate To Sell Your House in Miami

Homeowners in Miami sell and move. On average, people move every 5 to 7 years. The question is why do they sell and move?

Foreclosure: Foreclosure in Miami-Dade County happens when you are unable to make the required mortgage payments. This allows for the lender to seize your home and sell it. Rather than let that happen, you can negotiate with the lender for another financial arrangement such as a short sale. In a short sale, the lender agrees to accept the proceeds from the house sale even though it might be lower than the total owed amount.

reasons to sell your house
Foreclosure, delinquent taxes, repairs and probate are common reasons homeowners sell.

Consequences of foreclosures are many and include the stress of having of buy or find a new home, tax bills, employment disruption, credit rating fallout and the general loss experienced. One recent report indicates that about 2 million children in the US are likely to get affected negatively by home foreclosure in some way such as school disruption.

Delinquent Taxes:  Failure to pay property taxes in Miami on time can lead local authorities to charge you interest and if the situation gets worse, Miami-Dade County may schedule your property for a tax sale, something close to a foreclosure. You may want to sell the property yourself and offset the tax dues and hopefully, save something to invest in another home.

House Needs Lots Of Repairs:  In some cases, the total cost of undertaking vital house repairs maybe too high compared to getting a new house altogether. You may, for instance, find that it’s more cost effective to purchase a new house or simply move away than replace an entire roof, get a new furnace or replace the siding. If the house is too old, it may be more prudent to sell than attempt any repairs.

Probate/Inheriting A House: Sometimes inheriting comes with its share of problems and you may feel that you would be far much better off without taking up the inheritance. You may also feel that the inherited property in Miami actually not really worth the cost or is undesirable and prefer selling it.

Bad Tenants: Tenant problems are an inevitable part of owning a rental property and may result in eviction (check out the official Miami eviction resources). When all other measures like screening, warnings or charging them for damages have failed and you are literally going mad because of tenant problems, selling the property may be a better alternative.

There are also lots of other signs that indicate you might be desperate to sell your Miami property. These include when your home has been listed by an estate that seeks to liquidate its holdings or perhaps the house is now too small following an addition to your family and you are desperate for bigger accommodation.

What Can You Do To Sell Faster?

professional cash home buyer sell fast
Professional cash home buyers can help you sell fast.

When you want to sell your property fast, it can actually be quite frustrating. However, with a little effort and the correct approach, it’s still possible to sell in record time.

Sell “As-Is” For Cash To A Real Estate investor

Selling as-is means you sell the home in its current state with all its issues without having to carry out any needed repairs.  When selling as-is, buyers will have a negative view of the home and assume something must be seriously wrong with it or that you are desperate.

You, therefore, cannot expect the best offers and you are probably going to get less than what the home is worth when fully updated or what you want. That is why you need a reliable real estate investor.

House Heroes LLC (that’s us!) buys property with fair cash offers. If you’re desperate to sell Miami, visit our page here:

Tips on Finding & Vetting An Investor

Finding the right investor not only ensures you get a quick sale, but it also saves you the stress of having to make the home ready for buyers. Unfortunately, the Miami area is full of investors that engage in unethical business practices.

If you are looking for reliable real estate investor, search online, contact several investment clubs or even seek the assistance of local agents.

due diligence when vetting investors
Exercise due diligence when vetting Miami investors. Not everyone is ethical.

Social media is completely changing how business is being conducted and how we interact. It’s not any different in the real estate sector and you can use social media to seek an investor.

Another excellent option is to connect with local property managers in Miami. Typically, their work entails working with investment companies and landlords. They are likely to direct you to credible real estate investors.

Beware: do your own due diligence if you are to avoid scammers.

Try Some Things To Fix Up Your House

If the appearance of your house is not good, lots of potential buyers may not even venture beyond the front door. The front should be appealing and if you lack the energy or the time to fix up the place, at least hire someone. Buyers are very nosey, so make sure the inside and the garden are pristine. Keep the place neutral, declutter the inside and stage the home well.

Alternatives To Selling

The Miami housing market currently has nearly 22,149 homes up for sale which makes selling yours difficult. If you’re in an area with lots of seller competition, you end up with your house being on the market month after month without finding a willing buyer.

Obviously, if your goal was a fast sale, that is not a good position to find yourself in especially when you need funds fast.

You may be feeling desperate to sell but there may be other available alternatives still open for you. These include renting it out, short-term rentals or leasing. These options may be less than ideal, but a little income is certainly better than none.

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