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Free Home Report For Your Property In South Florida

Understanding your home’s value is important when selling your home, as well as in making other financial decisions.  House Heroes LLC educates homeowners on local market sales so they can make informed choices concerning their property.  Our free and customized home report gives you the “need to know” data on the most relevant “comps” in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County.  As Sir Francis Bacon famously said over 300 years ago, “knowledge itself is power.”

Why You Need to Know Your Home’s Value.  Homeowners must learn the value of their property prior to selling their property.  This is necessary to protect from unscrupulous cash home buyers who claim your house is worth less than it actually is in order to line their own pockets.  Unethical cash home buyers also tell you they will buy for an unrealistic high price, leading you to execute a sales contract, only to come back weeks later threatening to back out if you refuse to accept a lower price.  This wastes your time, but worse, exerts undue psychological pressure to accept their reduced offer since you’ve been counting on the buyer to purchase your home and planning your life accordingly.

What You Need to Know About Your Home
Our free home report gives “need to know” info to sell your house.

Cash buyers aren’t the only real estate professionals who benefit by misleading you about market value.  Realtors often “over promise and under deliver” concerning the sale price they can get for you.  Here’s how that works: realtor promises your property will sell for large amount, enticed by the number you sign listing agreement legally guaranteeing realtor up to 6% commission on any sale of your property, realtor has you “locked in” to pay them commission regardless if you get the promised price and regardless if they worked diligently (or did anything at all) on your behalf.  Our brokerage, House Heroes Realty, never engages in this deceitful tactic.

These unacceptable practices create negative consequences by delaying your home sale.  At a minimum, homeowners saddled with unwanted property suffer continued frustration (heightened when dealing with eviction and problem tenants).  Selling distressed property quickly is important, as delinquent taxes and city citations pile up to thousands of dollars.  Foreclosure risk – losing your property to the bank – is exacerbated if mortgage payments go unpaid while your home sale is postponed.  Vacant homes have natural wear and tear reducing property value.  Vacant property is further an easy opportunity for squatters, who move-in, damage the property, don’t pay rent, and create legal liability.

Having a realistic price goal for your home sale saves you from these bad situations, and House Heroes – via our free and customized home report – is here for the rescue.

Even when not selling your home, our report is beneficial.  Home value determines if you can refinance (replacing your mortgage with a new mortgage, for cash, lower interest rate or better term) or get a home equity loan (lump sum cash in exchange for monthly payments).  Property is an asset, and knowing the asset’s value aids with retirement, investment, and purchase decisions.  Before making major renovations (such as adding a bedroom, bathroom, or extension), the home report informs you whether the home improvement has sufficient return on investment.

How Our Free Home Reports Helps.  The most popular way homeowners assess property value are websites such as Redfin or Trulia.  These websites do not reflect all home sales, are not up to date, and the “estimates” are notoriously unreliable.  House Heroes pays for access to specialized databases that detail every home sale in South Florida.

We generate the report from these databases, giving you the most recent and complete information possible.  Since the report is totally free, there is absolutely no downside to calling right now at (954) 676-1846 to get it.

Customized Free Home Report
We customize the report to show you the most relevant “comps”.

House Heroes customizes the report to meet your needs.  It can be modified to show “comps” based on:  distance, county, subdivision, sold date, lot size, living area, bedroom/bathroom, year built, pool/garage, waterfront, and stories.  Customization is key since each home sales are unique.  If you reside in a gated community, home sales outside the community are irrelevant: we customize by subdivision to focus on the gated community.  If your neighborhood has many sales in the last 3-months, older sales are not the best comps: we customize by sale date to show recent data.  You get the point.

Not everyone is a real estate expert, and House Heroes is happy to help customize the report to show the right information.  We assist all South Florida citizens in learning about their property and local market, and have a proven record of satisfying our clients – check out our testimonials.

How to Get Your Home Report!  I hope I’ve convinced you of the importance of getting the “need to know” information in our home report.

How to Contact House Heroes
Call, e-mail, or fill out the form for your Free Home Report.

To get the report, call us at (954) 676-1846 to discuss your customization options.  You can e-mail us at  We also have a simple form to fill out and we will get back to you ASAP.  You can connect with us on Facebook and like us if we’ve been helpful!

Want to sell a home in South Florida?  Give us a call today at (954) 676-1846 or e-mail me at to discuss your options!

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