Miami Home Repairs That Pay Off

Looking to sell your home in the City of Miami? Nothing boosts the value of your home like some strategic repairs. It pays off big-time to simply know what kinds of repairs bring the highest Return-On-Investment. Check out these repair ideas that can pay off big-time.

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On to home value boosting ideas!

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Fiberglass Insulation             

A top Return-On-Investment home improvement strategy over the recent years has been fiberglass attic/basement insulation. While this may not be described as being exactly sexy, it is however, very cost-effective! The resultant lower cooling and heating bills will certainly be a welcome bonus even before you sell the house. The best thing is that insulation is not too technical especially when done with an R-30. In fact, renovation experts think that this is the only home repair project that ends up paying you more than you actually invested.

Renovating home siding is an easy way you to increase sale value. Curb appeal matters!

New Siding

If all your renovating, remodeling and repairs are only done on the inside, yet the outside remains wanting, odds are high that you might never even get the opportunity of showing potential buyers the inside. This is why siding replacement plays such a great part towards your curb appeal as well as in terms of Cost vs. Value.

Not only do new sidings make the house look more appealing, but they also promise to reduce your future maintenance issues. Although stone manufacture veneer and fiber cement siding are more expensive, they however offer a quality look that buyers are going to appreciate greatly.

Replace Your Front & Garage Doors              

First impressions last! Therefore, improving the main entrance to your house is obviously very important as it makes all the difference to the potential buyer. Replacing a squeaky, old, front door that tends to allow a draft to blow through your front hallway has great ROI potential. Additionally, a new, bright garage door will give your house a new fresh look that will draw buyers.

Remodel Baths And Kitchen

Before you begin knocking down those walls, consider your target buyer as well as your neighborhood. For instance, the majority of people nowadays are too busy and don’t even have the time to spare for a full bath. For example, walk-in showers re quickly replacing whirlpool tubs and today having a washing machine is a must in bathrooms.If you are selling in a hot property market, a bath or kitchen remodel is definitely a sound investment.  Spiff up your kitchen with new countertops, refaced cabinets, and the latest energy-efficient appliances.

Check out what Bankrate had to say about choosing the “target buyer”:

Before you go knocking down walls, consider your neighborhood and your target buyer, advises Trulia real estate blogger Michael Corbett. “If most homes nearby have tidy, neat kitchens with Formica or tile countertops, then you should too,” he says. “If granite and flagstone seem to be the local flavor, hopefully yours will be similar.”

Home Additions

Home additions to increase value
Home additions – adding bedrooms and bathrooms – are a game changer for increasing property value. Make sure the renovation matches the neighborhood.

You could see a considerable jump in the resale value of your home by making some changes that bring the house in line with most of the houses in your neighborhood. This could be as simple as adding an additional bathroom if yours only has one currently. When adding a home addition, make sure to take a look at the top sales in the neighborhood. The home addition needs to make sense for the neighborhood. If it’s a college town, adding a 4th bedroom isn’t going to add much value. If it’s a family area, an extra bedroom might make the difference to getting an offer for parents with a few kids!

Home Maintenance

Even new bathrooms and kitchens tend to lose part of their original glamour if your basement contains water, especially when that happens when potential buyer has come for viewing. Nothing is a bigger turn off to prospective buyers to old, worn, broken, or dirty houses. Your first priority once you decide to sell the house should be to keep the existing house structure sound through home maintenance. However, the majority of home buyers have a set limit on what they are willing or ready to spend on the new property. If they discover that no money will be spent on repairing or maintaining the basic systems, it may prevent them for making a higher offer – or any offer at all.

Universal Design

One new category that is rapidly gaining ground is the universal design. This ensures that all the features in the home can be used by the disabled and elderly as easily. That means that things such as lever-style doorknobs, grip bars in the showers, and wheelchair-friendly doors are part of the remodeled house in recognition of the elderly and disabled persons.

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