Looking To Sell Your House In Miramar? How To Price It Right!

The decision to move houses is never an easy one. But once a homeowner has decided to sell their Miramar home, they face another obstacle: deciding on the right price.

You want a change of scenery and it’s a great time to put your Miramar home up for sale. But one question stands in your way: is the price right? If the selling price is initially too high, you risk losing buyer interest at the beginning of the sale: your home’s peak appeal time. A price that’s too low isn’t a problem because it will attract offers and buyer interest; however, you want to get the most from your property.

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Compare sales and listings to price right.
Compare sales and listings to price right.

Compare Sales And Listings Of Other Miramar Homes

Keep your search relevant and recent. If a Miramar home on Meridian Street was sold but you live closer to SW 24th Street, keep your search to Miramar homes within 1/2 a mile of you.

It is important to keep all things equal when comparing sales and listings. When looking for homes recently sold, keep in mind home size, type, and location should be similar to yours so you can accurately compare them. Other variables like square footage and year built are important when you want to price for sale.

Be sure to investigate why certain homes did not sell. Is there a pattern to unsold Miramar homes and their prices? What do they have in common? To get a sense of how the home’s price changed over time, compare starting price with what it actually sold for.  Since Miramar is currently a seller’s market, homes may sell for over 100% of what they are listed at.

As for Miramar homes pending sale, it is tricky to determine what the sales price is for comparison. An option is to contact the listing agent and inquire. Sometimes they’ll disclose the selling price, and this can help you get closer determining yours.

Our company, House Heroes LLC, buys houses fast in Miramar. We guarantee fair cash offers. We’d be interested in hearing your price and making an all cash offer.

Use strategic or “magic” pricing

Once you’ve determined your ideal price range, you can use some classic psychology to get closer to your perfect selling price. There’s a reason stores price items at $9.95 versus $10, or

Strategic pricing helps get homes sold fast.
Strategic pricing gets homes sold fast.

$49.95 versus $50: it appears more affordable.  Adjust your price accordingly. If planning to sell your Miramar home for $505,000 consider instead a price of $499,995. The lower price appears to be significantly less (though it isn’t), and falls within brackets for buyers who are searching for homes within a certain price range.

Think Like a Buyer

You can tour Miramar homes currently for sale and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. When shopping for a home, what are your requirements, perks, and dreams? What do you consider to be negatives in a home? According to a 2016 article by Time, buyers are lured by wide open spaces and plenty of storage. It’s important to buyers to have room to live with ample space for organization in a discreet way. If your home offers this, play it to your advantage and price accordingly. If it doesn’t, what similar amenities can your Miramar home offer? Trends may come and go, but knowing current buyer trends is essential for pricing your home for sale right now.

React Quickly

If you’re not noticing buyer interest or are receiving negative feedback on the price of your home, it’s important to waste no time in fixing the situation. If you act quickly, you can use buyer feedback to improve your next round at pricing.

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