Sell My Fort Lauderdale House Fast: 5 Tips

Fort Lauderdale home sales can go fast or slow. Strategy is everything. Apply these 5 tips to sell your house lightning quick in Ft. Lauderdale!

Cash Offers Only!

Cash Offer On Your Fort Lauderale House
Cash offers speed up home sales.

Want to speed up your home sale? Accept cash offers only. Conventional mortgage financing in Ft. Lauderdale (when a bank like Nationwide or RK Mortgage Group fund the sale) leads to delays. Mortgages are comonly denied due to poor credit history, insufficient income or assets to make monthly payments, small downpayments, low appraisal, property defects, unanticipated job loss or change in circumstances. Cash offers from a professional cash home buyer in Fort Lauderdale solves this problem. House Heroes – as well as other investors – give cash offers that are “as-is” and not dependent on appraisals, property condition, or bank approval.

Availability: Show As Much As Possible

Can’t sell a house if prospective buyers can’t see it. Understandably, it is uncomfortable to show your home to strangers. It’s a pain to keep everything tidy on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it’s a necessity. You can cut down on showings by selling directly to a single buyer. “Open houses” can reduce the total amount of showings by showing to all curious buyers at one time. Check out upcoming Fort Lauderdale open houses: it is popular.

Increase Curb Appeal

Regular home buyers don’t want to buy fixer-uppers. Real estate investors, on other hand, specialize in purchasing houses that need repairs. When targeting regular home buyers, put in time and money to spruce up the place. Good tips are: landscape – mow lawn, trim hedges, plant flowers; paint external and internal walls; new door mat and mailbox, remove “personal” items like movie posters, religious/political artifacts, family pictures. You can re-surface floors, cabinets, and bathrooms without spending large sums.

Choose a Buyer Ready, Willing, And Able To Act Fast

Some buyers need time to close. Long inspection periods, appraisals, meeting with attorneys, cold feet. Need to sell my home in Fort Lauderdale house fast? Make it a goal, set the expectations to the buyer from the start, and see if they can handle it. Make sure it’s a legitimate and trustworthy cash home buyer: they should be local, reachable by phone, have bank statement proof of funds, testimonials, put down a reasonable earnest deposit, never charge fees, and have the skill and experience for an expedited closing.

Cash Offer On Your Fort Lauderale House
Competitive pricing is selling your house quick.

Competitive Pricing

Setting the “right price” is a critical factor in quick house sales. Price too low – and you lose out. Overprice and your property sits around and you keep paying taxes, insurance, and wear and tear dragging down market value. For distressed properties such as vacant, squatters, and hazardous conditions: there can be legal liability for delaying too long. Talk to a local real estate pro (like an agent or investor) for up to date market info. At a minimum, do some online research on sites like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia for local comps.

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