“Sell My House For Cash” in Hollywood

Are you saying “buy my house for cash” in Hollywood? Learn why cash home sales are better than traditional mortgage financing.

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Cash Closes At Light Speed

Cash Closes Faster

Looking to close quick? Want money at the speed of light or yesterday? Cash home buyers in Hollywood like House Heroes LLC have cash in the bank earmarked to buy houses. We are ready to purchase immediately upon proof of title – in as little as 48-hours. Call (954) 676-1846 for your guaranteed fair offer. Cash offers don’t require appraisal – which bog down the traditional mortgage financing timeframes. According to Time’s Here’s How Long It Will Take To Get A Mortgage, the “pre-approval” alone can take a week to several months (and pre-qualification is not the same as pre-approval). Assuming your buyer is pre-approved, you still have weeks after the offer is made prior to final approval. Whenever working with a reported “cash home buyer” make sure to get a banking statement proof of funds. You can use our “cash home buyer questionnaire” as a guide in choosing the right cash buyer.

Best Chance For Sale to Not “Fall Through”

Traditional mortgage financing sales aren’t just slow: it’s possible closing will never happen. While cash offers have no financing contingency, traditional mortgage offers are the opposite.

Mortgage buyers fall through
Mortgage buyers often fall through.

Banks decline to underwrite mortgages all the time: loss of employment, credit score change, low appraisal, property defects, the list goes on. If the bank pulls the mortgage, you are back at the drawing board looking for a new buyer. Cash decreases the chance of the deal falling through at the last minute. Legitimate cash buyers are skilled and experienced in real estate transactions, reducing the chance they need to “back out.”

Any Condition or Situation

Cash works in any situation or circumstance. Mortgages are not issued on houses that need substantial repairs. For example, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development have the following minimum standards before issuing a mortgage: the home must protect the health and safety of occupants, the security of the property, and no physical deficiencies or conditions impacting structural integrity. Cash is the only option for bad condition houses. On the other hand, cash buyers specialize in buying property “as-is” in any condition. Indeed, cash buyers often use little to no inspection period (just long enough to get a repair estimate from a qualified general contractor).

When Cash Isn’t Better

Cash isn’t always the “best offer.” Have time before you need to sell? Property in great condition? Prospective buyers putting down large down-payments and pre-approved? If you can get a substantially higher non-cash offer it may be the most profitable route.

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